so long 2012

Because you can never have too many photos of your shoes ~ 12.31.2012

Happy New Years Eve!

It's been quite a year, hasn't it.

I, for one, am happy to start a new year, especially this one... 2012 had way too many 'end-of-the-world' connotations for my liking.


That has a nice ring to it. Plus, I turn 33 in 2013. I've waited my whole life to turn 33. I'm pretty sure it's because I wanted to outlive Jesus. He was 32. And we have the same initials. I know, that's weird. But, well, that's me.

Moving on.

I've been playing around with the ideas of joining in on the following:

Ali Edwards : One Little Word

Project Life : Elise Blaha edition

A Beautiful Mess : 365 Photo Project

I know, I know... all three of these together seem quite ambitious, but if you break it down, they all kind of intertwine together and that is what will make each of these project successful! Sidenote, I'm not making any promises that these will get completed, but the best of intentions are always there.

Usually the list of "resolutions" include such over-played and under-achieved goals such as:
- Lose Weight
- Quit Smoking
- Exercise More

I am not about to set myself up for disaster, so I'm gonna skip all the resolution crap. I do have a list of intentions... wanna hear them. Okay good.

I intend to stick with CrossFit in 2013. In fact, I hope to never stop CrossFitting, as it is quite addicting and much better for me than other addictions like smoking or drinking or doing drugs, all which I am against.

I intend to take more photos in 2013. Hence the above listed projects. But hear me out real quick-like. My babes are growing up and soon they won't let me take photos of them. Sucky, but you know how it is, growing up all teenage-like. Grr.

I intend to blog more in 2013. Can you believe that I only blogged 78 (this is post 79) in 2012!! Cray-cray! I'm typically a 100+ annual blogger. I sucked at blogging in 2012, and I had better make it up to you peeps. Bring on 2013 and the year of blogging we will name as poetic-ramblings-of-a-crazed-30-something-mom-of-teens! Rolls off the tongue, eh? hehehe

Okay, so enough babble. Do you have any resolutions? Any intentions? I wanna know, because I'm nosy like that. lol.

In all seriousness. I wish each and every one of you much love and many blessings in the new year. Good tidings of health and great joy. May peace and love be with you every day. Promisecakes!!

to the last of the greats

This is my Grandma Mickie. 
Her real name is Agatha. 
She turned 90 on December 9th, 2012.
Can you imagine... living on this earth for 90 years, especially the past 90 years. She lived through the Depression Era, she grew up in a time where girls didn't go to school after 8th grade, she worked on her parents farm, left home at 17 and was married and with child by 20. She has lived through her husband's passing, her only daughter's passing, and her only son's passing. She's been through seven wars including World Wars One and Two, Vietnam and the Gulf. She knew life before microwaves and computers and when they called cars "automobiles". She's seen the world change.

Yesterday, December 27, 2012 
at 10:19am
She passed away.
This was her wish. She was ready to go, and we were ready to let her go. On angels wings she flew up to be with her family. We will miss you Grandma, but we are at peace because you are finally at peace.

Christmas Decorating

Hi Guys!!

So..... are you decking your halls! I am! If you're following me on Instagram or Gramfeed you've seen that I have been into the Christmas decorations...

(Only in my house will you find Santa in Hunter Orange and Camouflage. Lol)

Decorating is always a tinge painful, so many boxes have my Dad's writing on them, and it's just another fresh reminder that he won't be here with us this Christmas. Daddy was always all about decorating. Presentation is everything... as he used to say. He took so much pride in getting the house all decked out. And I know that my Mom takes the same pride.

The Christmas lights are up around the house. The (fake) tree in my bedroom is up.

The real tree is up too, just not decorated. ((I'll get to that.))

But I did manage to get a few gifts wrapped for the in-laws (they have to mailed out).

The Christmas movies have been playing 'round the clock... Mickey's A Christmas Carol is one of my all-time favorites!

I can't decide what I love most about prepping for Christmas... the decorating, the wrapping of beautiful gifts, the movies, the music... oooh, the baking... that's to come. Stay tuned, for sure!

What's your favorite part?

howdy-ho neighbor

Hey, guess what??  I'm home sick today. Perrrfect day to catch up on le blog. Are you ready...

First Topic:  Paleo Challenge

So, the Paleo Challenge ended Saturday, November 21. The bad news, I wasn't First Place. The good news, I was Third Place! But really, if you stuck to the program, we were all winners. Wanna see my results... okay, here's the deets:

  • Food Points : 168 (that is a PERFECT Score... 6 points a day for 4 weeks straight... no cheats here!)
  • WOD Time : 7:19 (my WOD time at the beginning was 8:10... I shaved off nearly an entire minute!)
  • Lost Inches : 5.66 (2.8 on waist, 1.8 on hips, .06 on chest, gained 1.9 on thighs... we squat ALOT, 1 on arms)
  • Lost Body Fat Percentage : 3.7% (I took first in this catagory for girls... kinda a big deal)
  • Lost Pounds : 8.2 (yes, in 30 days!!!)
True story people! This really happened to me! I was totally on cloud nine about my results. So much so, that I have continued to eat strict Paleo. I did have a few cheats during Thanksgiving (more on that later) but overall, I'm in it to win it! The positive changes occurring in my body are affecting everything else in my world. I'm becoming mentally stronger, physically stronger, and spiritually stronger. It's like I'm totally aligned with myself. It's wonderful, and so amazing to me that so much of the way we feel has to do with the food we put into our bodies. It's legit science, I read about it as much as I can on the internet and ebooks. So crazy!
Anyway, it's the path I've chosen to go and so far so good. I'm taking things one day at a time. I'm making small goals and achieving them at rapid pace. It's exciting and inspiring (yeah, I'm totally inspiring myself. Crazy!)

Second Topic:  Thanksgiving

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was lovely! We spent an entire 4+ days back home in SoCal. It was lovely! We left out on Wednesday afternoon and made the 5 hour drive. I had enough time to get all the Paleo Desserts made that night. Wanna see what I made... these photos are borrowed, btw.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cheesecake
The only was I know how to describe this is freaking ah-mazing! I nearly ate the entire thing to myself... not-even-kidding! I don't know if I was just starved for sweets (totally my downfall) but this was totally Paleo so technically I wasn't even cheating!

Pumpkin Butter Truffles
Pumpkin Butter Truffles
Seriously delish, and so incredibly simple to make. I did choose to add some ground up flax seed to help as a binder (a suggestion from a CF friend). Also, next time I don't think I'll use 72% Cacao chocolate. I forget that not everyone is a dark chocolate fan and it can get bitter to some. (Although, it just means more for me! hehehe)

Grain-Free And Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie
I know, I know, doesn't sound legit, but it was soooo good! Until I burned the crust, but whatev's. I cooked it the night before and left it in the oven to set (because seriously, there was like, no room anywhere in that kitchen). So, come Turkey morning we turned the oven on to preheat and you-guessed-it... the pie got baked, again. But... the inside was totally edible. I mean, the whole thing was technically edible, but the crust was dark indeed. Lol. We decided to put in on the counter with a spoon and as people walked by they'd take a scoop out. Hey, we're all family so we all have the same cooties. It totally worked out. A sweet appetizer, if you will.

Turkey Day was good, the ma-in-law and sis-in-law kept me company in the kitchen and we all stayed busy. We had Turkey and Ham, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Mashed White Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts with Onion and Bacon, Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, and Cresent Rolls. I kept it Paleo, and for the first time I think Ever, I didn't overeat and that felt awesome. I cleaned up and did the dishes, and before I knew it I was mid-breakdown. Emotion caught up with me, and I deeply and painfully missed my Dad. Things like this happen, and I let them run their course. I hope they never stop, because even the pain of missing him makes me weirdly happy.

Turkey Day morning the hubs, the dad-in-law and I got in a good workout.... we did Cindy, a 20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats. Friday we were able to visit Crossfit Kinnick (home of the Games competitor Jeremy Kinnick) and get a parter WOD in. (This is the dad-in-law's home crossfit box). "Black Butter" was a 30 minute AMRAP of 200 meter run (together carring a 35# kettlebell), 10 Clean and Press at 85#, 10 Burpee Box Jumps at 20", 10 Kb swings at 35#. It was my first RX'd workout and I rocked it (along with my partner Katie). Wanna see me all beastly...

Yeah, that's me... gettin' it done! Light Weight! hehe
Friday during the day we spent making Tamales, a family tradition. Saturday we went up to Grampa's. Grampa is 90 years old, and he is my kids Great-Great-Grandfather. How cool is that! He lives in the mountains and has the most amazing old cabin filled with schtuff... it's an American Picker's dream! Sunday was drive home day and settle in before the work week. Great trip, all around!

Third Topic: Christmas

Are you ready? Because I sure am not. lol. I'm usually the lady that decorates the week before Thanksgiving, I love Christmas That Much! But this year, I didn't get things decorated until this past weekend, and even then I sifted through my decorations and got rid of A-Lot! I don't want to be cluttered this year. I'd absolutely love to buy new decorations, but you know how that goes... do you spend the money of decorations, or on the kids. Kids win every time. But when they're old enough to know better, I'm gonna get me some serious Christmas decor. Watch out!
The hubs and I did most of the shopping this past Sunday. We're not doing big gifts for the grownups, just the kids. That's the way it should be. Daddy always said Christmas is about the kids. I like to spoil them, both mine and my sister's. But I also try and put them all in check, they get so much that I constantly remind them about the kids who get nothing because they're poor.
Now to wrap the gifts I have, which funny enough is becoming one of my favorite things about the holidays. Even though the kids just rip it right off, I enjoy making pretty presents. hehe
The kids are having a Christmas party next weekend. I'd better get planning. I think we'll do a few minute to win it games and fill them up on lots of holiday sweets. Paleo sweets. hehe

Okay, it has taken me for-ev-er to type this blog up. I'm gonna go relax on the couch with some Kombucha and hot tea and a holiday movie. Until next time... ttfn!

paleo and Nascar. two words unlikely together.

Well, I must say, this week went by pretty seamlessly in my paleo-eating. I struggled, but not nearly like last week's end. Except... for yesterday. Sunday. Nascar Day! Oh... you didn't know I was a mega-dork Nascar Fan? Well, I am. We all gotta little redneck in us, right? Anywho. I had been stressin' the race. Why? Well, typically this is how a race day goes:
8:00am  -  Gates Open
9:00am  -  Arrive to the dirt parking lots (along with 55,000 other people... this is NOT an exaggeration)
9:01am  -  Crack open the first beer
9:31am   - Crack open the second beer (and so on...)
10:30am  - Start the mile+ walk towards the raceway. This is a two-beer walk.
11:00am  -  Reach Merchandise Mile and talk crap about the drivers merch you don't like until you end up standing in front of the Kyle Busch merch trailer and suddenly can justify spending $125 on a #18 M&M Toyota racing jacket. Then you remember you only have $100 and beers inside are runnin' $8 a piece. And you're more thirsty than cold.
12:00pm  -  Enter the gates and fight the tens of thousands of people toward your section, holding onto the friends you're with (cuz you'll totally get lost).
12:05pm  -  Find beer tent and drop an easy $20 on double fisting beers (who wan't to walk back down the grandstand during the race... not me).
12:30pm  -  Chaplain prayer. God Bless America. Fly over. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!! (Best Sound Ever!!!)
1:00pm  -  Race Starts. Four hours of standing up and down, cars racing over 100 miles an hour around the track, wrecks and cautions, pit stops, yelling and screaming at your driver while the person behind you yells at you for being a fan of your driver.
4:30pm  -  Stumble down the grandstand, cow-hearded to the parking lot. Hopefully you know where you parked. Hopefully you have a DD. Must grab another beer (or two) for the walk.
5:00pm  -  Hang out in the dirt lot to let the traffic die down. Keep drinking the beers you brought.
8:30pm  -  Looks like a good time to leave. You're the last car in the parking lot. Thanks DD, for putting up with us.

Do you see the trend?
Can I tell you that beer is NOT Paleo?
Can I tell you that food is secondary on days like these.
Now do you understand why I was sweatin' it?

I was DD. I was totally okay with that. I've done it before. I planned and prepped for the day. I packed my lunch, brought plenty of water. It ended up just being me and friend Ry (we're Nascar pals... never been to a race without each other. Aw, Tear. lol) The day went true to schedule, less the beer on my part. As we got ready to make the mile+ walk to the raceway, Ry decided he was going to eat inside. Okay. I wasn't hungry, and couldn't remember if we were allowed to bring in food (beer I know we couldn't... they make a killing off the alcohol sales... especially with all them rednecks. hehe)
So we got inside and holy mother of all things good in the world... look what this Paleo-Eating Girl found...
Photo: Happy Girl
A Big Huge Texas-Sized Turkey Leg!! Holy Carnivore is right! I mowed down on that thing for over an hour! And ate every last bit of meat off the bone. It was sooooo pleasant. And I was soooo full! Happy Girl!

As the race started I was jonesin' for a beer. It just feels so un-American. But, I stood my ground... repeating my mantra (I Am Winning This Paleo Challenge... I Am Winning This Paleo Challenge) and before I knew it, I had made it through the entire day! Yay Me. Go Team Jen!

The race was pretty stinkin' awesome! Crazy drama, crazy wrecks, and crazy finish for the #18 (he led the entire race, and gave up the last two restarts, leading to a third place finish.) I was home by 6:30pm.

Life is good.

my mojo came back

Yes, it did, and I was so happy to have it back with me!!

My Beloved Scrap Mojo!

No joke, people... one morning I woke up, and crafted up like, 6 cards and mailed them! Yes, it really happened. And it happened so fast that I didn't even get a chance to take pictures of those cute little things!

Oh well... because...

The very next day I woke up and the mojo went all ballistic on me and I pumped out... ready, wait for it... FIVE whole entire 12 x 12 scrapbooking pages! Five... in One Day! It was raining scrap-happy mojo all over the place to the point that I went out after 7pm (I'm a hermet after 6pm) and went to the craft store for a few necessary supplies (new craft knife, adhesive, glue, etc). I can't even explain it all, it is pretty much straight up magic! Yep, nothing but unicorns and glitter in these parts of my world! hehe

Wanna see?

And guess what... there's more on the way! hehehe. YAY!!! I Love Scrapbooking again!!

paleo challenge. week two.


Week Two.
That would be this past week. Also known as the week that includes Candy Holiday Number One aka Halloween.

Monday I came out the gates strong. Food was prepped, my days are grab and go. No big problems there. I was a teensy bit on the tired side because I didn't get to bed at my regular hour (between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, no joke. I'm an old lady.)

Tuesday was much of the same. We were lifting heavy (1 Rep Max) for three days straight so we were told to up our calorie intake by 20%. I should have listened. And I should have made those extra calories come from delicious sweet potatoes (because I only roasted 10 pounds of them on Sunday. lol) After doing work at Urban Warfit I could tell in my body that I needed to up the intake. Note to self.

Soooo... Tuesday night we went over to my Mom's to carve pumpkins. Not a big deal. I had my food with me, plenty of water.
But here's the thing.
I noticed myself eyeballing the cooking jar. From the cookie jar, my eyes would flit over to the candy dish on the counter (where it is almost always filled with M&Ms). Back and forth, back and forth. I starting actually sweatin' this. I mean, for the very first time I was being truly and legitimately challenged! I knew that it meant more to me to have a perfect Paleo Day, but out of pure habit I was raiding my Mom's pantry and fridge (isn't that what every kid does when they come home, go straight to the food, the good stuff). I couldn't get out of there fast enough. (No offense, Mom).

I knew I was in deep trouble for Wednesday night.
We gathered at Mom's and there were loads and load of candy. Everywhere! It was like Alfred Hitchcocks the Birds attacking me, except they were mini candy bars. Yes, exactly like that. Well, maybe not exactly. They weren't flying at me. They were in a bowl. By the front door. I was in the family room. Out of sight out of mind, right?
Anyway, I made it through. I volunteered to walk with the kids around the two blocks. Their little legs and frequent stops were harboring my need to 'walk it out'. But I made adjustments, and all was fine and well. I did not break. I did not put a single candy in my mouth. I did not even touch a single Almond Joy. Ahhhh, Almond Joy. When my niece and nephew tried being nice by sharing a candy with me I ran away from them like they had the H1N1 virus. I stayed strong, and got the hell outta there as fast as I could. (Plus it was past my early bedtime. lol)

Thursday was the same. Grab and Go. I could totally tell the difference in my energy level from heavy lifting for three days and not upping my calories, and by 4pm I was toast. I wanted a nap (technically it was rest day). Instead I forged ahead getting my Costco run done and prep and cooking that night. You can bet your bootie I was in bed closer to the 8:30pm time than the 9:30pm time.

I woke up this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I got up, got showered and before I knew it I was out the door to drop off high school students and enjoy the 40 minute drive into work, where I now sit, writing to all you good people. Today's eating schedule will be a wee bit off kilter, and I am just a teensy bit worried about that. I should be eating right now, but we have a company BBQ to attend (I haven't missed one in, like 5 years) and that's between 11-1. I need to make sure I keep my carbs upped before my 3pm workout from Hades (wanna see... look right HERE)

And Then....
Tomorrow will officially be the Half Way Point of this Challenge!!!

More to come people...

paleo challenge. the first week.

Hi y'all! Thought I'd check in with the whole Paleo Challenge thing. Because I *know* you care. hehe

This Saturday will mark the half way point. Boy am I excited for that.
Half way there. Half way to go.

What's that? How's the first half gone?
Well, to sum it up in one word, it's gone Goooooood.
I emphasized the word with extra O's (in case you didn't pick up on that, captain obvious) because although it has had its ups and downs (expected) it has been relatively easy. A bit of a cake walk. Or cup cake walk. Or rather Paleo Cup Cake Walk. Yeah, that's what it's been.

Week One:
 Was easy. And I'm talking surprisingly easy. Being that we've been eating Paleo for a few months now, the only real transition was taking out all the Paleo baking, like the Paleo Pancakes, Paleo Donuts, Paleo Cake, etc. and cutting down on the starchy carbs like sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash.

Remember, this all started on Day 1, Saturday, October 20, 2012.
I made a plan, a meal plan, and committed myself to it. Success is in the prep work, this I KNOW. So, I prepped and cooked all day Sunday and was ready for the entire week. Easy peasy when you do it all in advance. My day's are a grab and go. Day by Day I did notice significant changes in my mood, and in my body. By Day 5 I was like a power horse. Come 3pm for my CrossFit class I was pumped. I was full of energy, positive and full of light. I had come to realize that the food I was eating was (drumroll) fuel for my mind and body. In the span of a few short days I totally and completely understood the saying...

Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat. -Socrates
((I couldn't believe this was a Socrates Quote. Holy spaceballs the guy was such a Smarty McSmart!!))

Previous to the challenge I had really been sweatin' the weekends.
There is a reason I tell people that I eat 100% Paleo 80% of the time. The weekends belong to Me!
No, I don't go drinking slurpees and popping donut holes into my mouth (I mean, I totally would if I could gain no weight and it wouldn't destroy my innards) but let's be honest here.
It's Football Season, people!
In my world, that is a Big Huge Deal. Sundays are guiltily not spent in church (although I'm working on that, promisecakes God) but instead on the couch or at my beloved B-Dubs from 10am to 7 or 8pm. Yeah... I told you, it's a Big Deal. Any way I'm all about drinkin' beer and eatin' wings while watching football. I know, I'm a dude that way.
But... the first Sunday, I was totally okay.
I watched football.
I drank my water.
I put my time in the kitchen (prep and cook).
I ate when I was supposed to.
I stayed up on laundry.
I even got the hubs to go out on a walk with me to get a little glisten while burning off all this extra energy.
I swear, I felt like I was on uppers! Oh wait, I was... we call them vegetables. hehe

I had make it through Week One.
I was stoked. I was invincible. I was a overdosing veggie-aholic and proud of it!

Bring on Week Two. be continued...

Dear Courtney

Dear Courtney,

This Halloween is a big one for you. You want to trick or treat with your high school friends instead of with your cousins. I get it. I understand. It was a hard decision to make (more difficult for me that your father), but we are allowing you to walk around, hand in hand with your boyfriend, surrounded by your very best friends, and solicit candy in an unfamiliar area without your mother and father looking over your shoulder.

Sigh, it is so hard to let go.

I know you are smart enough to follow the rules. I know you are smart enough to Not test your father's and my decision to let you go with your friends. I know you will not abuse the priviledge of staying out into the dark hours of night.

Last night while going over the details with you about tonight's rules and events, you informed me that you did not want to use your trick-or-treat bag.


You were careful to choose your wording, as to not hurt my feelings, but you wanted to try out using a bag like the other kids. You gave good reason. You're 14. You're in high school. You'll be trick-or-treating with your friends. I tried to remind you that you have never cared what others think, and that you have carried this bag around every single Halloween of your entire life. You kindly, very sweetly declined. I tried.

I try to keep you and young at heart as I can. Truly I have succeed in so many way. You enjoy crooner music, you dress modestly, compared to so many young girls at your school who find it necessary to flaunt their newly developed breasts and as much midsection as possible without getting dress-coded. You still watch cartoons and Disney movies.

I know you are growing into a very smart, and respectful young lady. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I know that I will continue to have to let out the leash, and give you more space to explore the world. But never forget that you will always be my first born, my baby girl, and most of all, the very wise words from Grandpa... Be A Kid As Long As You Can, You Have The Rest Of Your Life To Be An Adult.

I Love You Sissy,


baby prayers

So many of my friends right now are either pregnant or just recently had their children. What a joyful time this is for them. It seems like so long ago that I was there. Well, it was long ago. Nearly 15 years ago. Lol. The joy of bringing a new life into the world to can be indescribable. Blessings all around, stress, love, joy, sleeplessness. I am so happy for my friends who have had wonderful and uncomplicated pregnancies and births. Reading the stories makes my heart sing.

Unfortunately, not all stories are happy ones.


Dru and Corrin Morton, are two very dear friends to Paul and I. We've all known each other since the early years of high school. After marriage and two kids they were unexpectedly blessed with another pregnancy. Several complications during Corrin's pregnancy led to sweet Baby Tessa being born on October 18th at 3:20pm. At approximately 26 weeks, Tessa weighed 1 pound 3 ounces.
Photo: Our Angel
She came out a fighter, breathing on her own, and not too much longer was able to open her eyes and look and her Mommy and Daddy, and later Brother and Sister. After just a couple of days Mommy and Daddy both got to hold her in their arms.

Today, Baby Tessa needs to undergo a surgery on her little heart, and we need all the prayers we can get for this sweet angel baby from heaven.
Photo: Today has been a very long and emotional day. We are asking for all of the prayers to continue for our sweet angel as she will be having an invasive procedure done on her heart. This will more than likely take place tomorrow morning. Our beautiful girl is such a fighter so I know that with her strength and gods guidance she will be just fine. I have copied my moms post from earlier today that explains everything in further detail. Happy One Week Birthday Princess!!! We love you so much!!!!!

Corrin, Dru and both our families know that Tessa's fragile condition will warrant good days and bad days. Although she's still doing as well as expected, an echo cardiogram performed last evening revealed a cardiac PDA. This means that a special vein within the heart that usually closes in a full term newborn, has not done so in Tessa's case. This is not uncommon in premature infants and especially In those babies like Tessa that are considered a "micro preemie". This condition can cause the heart to work harder and also interfere with her respiratory system. I have noticed more effort on her part these past few days and now and we know why. 
This evening Dru and Corrin will be discussing with the neonatologist and cardiologist the options for Tessa which can include medication, or the more permanent solution - a procedure similar to cardiac catheterization where the cardiologist can close off the PDA- which is currently causing a murmur. The first feeding we were hoping to achieve today has been postponed until this little problem is corrected. All in all Tessa is holding her own and fighting strong. She is truly in the best place she could possibly be. Our nurses and doctors are rooting for Tessa as much as we are and have become quite attached to her. With all that said- Happy one-week birthday baby girl Morton! We love you Tessa Marie!
Tessa's road will continue to have its good days and its bad, it's ups and downs, but with the love and support of those who know, and don't know this family, Tessa will come out on top. She's a fighter, making small progresses every single day! Thank you for your prayers, they work!!

Also, another local family (who went to high school with us) recently delivered their son, who only lived a very short time. Read more about Colin's story here... Carrying Colin.

With all this heartache going on with my friends, my faith has become renewed and I have been diligently praying, and talking to God. I am so entirely grateful for the blessings in my life.

What are you grateful for today?

lookie what I found

As if FacebookTwitter, and Swagbucks haven't sucked all the extra mintues of my day, I found a few new-to-me sites that are keeping me entertained.

  • Jux was something I stumbled onto byway of Danielle at Sometimes Sweet and boy oh boy is it addicting! What I love, is that I can just jot down a note or something so not-entirely-blog-post-worthy and it's stored for the day I want to come back and scrapbook or print out to keep that memory close. It's just plain cool, ok!
  • Gramfeed. Okay, here is what happened. I was getting all kinds of cranky pants that I can't see my Instagram pics (both my friends and my own) on a bigger screen, like my computer, and was stuck looking at them on my little friend. Aka my Droid. Yes, I know... iPhone is cooler, but that shiz is ex-pensive. Anywho... I did some high powered investigative work, like Magnum PI investigative, and Ta-Da! My skillz brought me to this awesome site where I can finally see cool pics! Yay me! Small victories add up people!
That's really it. I know, kinda boring, kinda lame. But what do I always say. You better check yo self before you wreck yo self. No, wrong saying... Sharing is Caring people, Sharing Is Caring!

Now Go Forth and find some cool stuff of your own. Or just check out the sites I've shared. Yessss!

crossfit: week 1

Friday. August 31, 2012.

Monday's workout was tough, but super fun.

Tuesday's workout was even tougher, but fun and exciting to be learning lifts.

Wednesday I had a much needed massage and I am not in Scottsdale on Thursdays so this gave me two whole days to recover from Monday and Tuesday's workouts.

I needed the time. My body needed the time. And to be completely honest, on Wednesday night I didn't think I was gonna be able to make it on Friday. My calves felt like overfilled water balloons stretched on a thinning rubber band and ready to explode any minute. My quads and glutes were crying and protesting... you can tell it's been a little while since they've been worked hard. Core and arms were a bit sore but it was that glorious soreness where you worked hard enough to be reminded but not unable to move. Above all, by far the worse pain was in the arches of my feet. I very much wanted to lay in bed and cry Wednesday night because I felt as though I lost the use of my feet. Flat footed, toes pointed... didn't matter. My feet were radiating in pain. I had them rubbed (and good) which did help to try and loosen them up a bit. We use our feet for absolutely everything, and when you don't want to use them, you can't. It's frustrating. I'm not sure if it is because of the Merrell shoes I wear (which have minimal cushioning) or from the jumping on my toes, but my insteps huuuuuuuuuurt!

Today is Friday, and I feel ten times better than I did on Wednesday, that's for sure. My calves are still sore, as are my feet. And my shins are starting to give me problems (that could have been from me racing my daughter to the car last night, from across the parking lot... in Converse shoes... and No compression socks, which I desperately need when I run). But... I AM going to class today at 3pm. It was my personal goal for week one to come to 3 classes, by myself without the hubs. I will accomplish that goal.

The workout today is comforting in the fact that you get to choose your method but in no way will it be easy.
Here is the workout:
WOD: For Time
Weight- Your Choice!
Level 1: In any combination- Stone Shoulder, Sand bag Clean, Log Clean 3,000 (men) /2,000lbs. (women)
Level 2: In any combination- Stone Shoulder, Sand bag Clean, Log Clean 4,000/3,000lbs.
Level 3: In any combination- Stone Shoulder, Sand bag Clean, Log Clean 5,000/4,000lbs.
Level 4: In any combination- Stone Shoulder, Sand bag Clean, Log Clean 6,000/5,000lbs.
Metabolic Conditioning- Yup, Your Choice Again!
Level 1: In any combination of distance- 1,600m.
Level 2: In any combination of distance- 2,000m.
Level 3: In any combination of distance- 2,400m.
Level 4: In any combination of distance- 3,200m.

By the way... I'm a level 1, duh! hehe
I'm excited for the workout. I know I'll work, I know that I will get out what I put it. I know that it is me against the workout, and me against myself. This is the crossfit way. I'll be back later to update on the workout and my feelings / progress. 
Until then...

i made it to the white board

Monday, August 27, 2012.

I made it to the white board! I finished (or rather, survived) my first official WOD!

I walked into Urban Warfit with a belly full of butterflies. I said a silent prayer and vowed to just be myself, give it all that I had and try not to feel intimidated.

The first people I see were Skip Divelbiss and Sarina Brown (both who coach at the box). I introduced myself and noted that this was my first official day. Skip walked me into the gym, pointed out a few things and made some nice small talk, I think more to just get me calm and comfortable. He introduced me to Jacob (Jake) Martinez who was to be my coach for the 3pm class. Cool.

Me being like my father, I arrived 20+ minutes early, and Skip suggested I start stretching and warming up. I began to do so, but then had an additional question. I ran up front and began speaking with Sarina. What a sweetie woman! She was warm and listened to my still nervous rambling and was just overall encouraging. She suggested I come back on Wednesday at 2:30pm so that we could take my weight and measurements and every month we could take them again to see my progress (girls tend to be more into this kind of thing, lol). Great! My confidence was rising already.

I walked back into the gym and saw a few girls my age (okay, they weren't exactly my age... they were more like college) and to my amazement I walked right up to them and began asking questions about the workout. Soon enough introductions were made, and I was beginning to feel the nerves slip away.

Coach yells for everyone to grab a lacrosse ball and a foam roller for 20 minutes of mobility. Okay, cool. A little ball rub on the back, and a little leg roll on the foam roller, get everything massaged... sounds good to me. Except when I actually began to do the mobility exercises, it was Painful! Ouch! Talk about deep tissue. I imagined it alot like yoga, just breathe through the tough parts (there was alot of breathing through, lol).

After that, we gather to the white board and the WOD (Workout Of the Day) is explained to us. Here it is:

Jump Rope Intervals
4 Rounds- Score is lowest round
2 min. Work
1 min. Rest (4th round of jump rope leads directly into row.)
Row Intervals
4 Rounds x – Score is total meters rowed.
1 min. Rest

Once again, we are to keep our own score. (This is not something that I am used to). Ugh. So... we take our places, and as the 10 second countdown on the clock begins I'm all nerves again. In the back of my head I'm thinking, c'mon... it's jump rope. So what, you haven't skipped rope since you were a kid. You get to start at level 1, single jumps instead of double unders. No big deal...

I get through 26 jumps unbroken and unexpectedly my chest is on fire. I quick start again and get another 20+ in. "30 seconds" yells coach Jake. 30 Seconds! That's it! I'm gonna die! I have a minute and a half left of Round ONE! Eeeek! Okay, get control of yourself. Deep breath. Don't freak, don't give up. Pace yourself, pace yourself... I end up Round 1 with 107. Okay, I was shooting for 150 but that's okay, I'll get it next round. And sure enough, Round 2 I get 156. Sweet! Round 3 I get 166 and the final Round 4 where I was sure that my lungs were going to explode I get 167. Yay Me!

Now onto Rowing. Cool, I liked this part during my Baseline on Friday. 500 meters as fast as you can. Ready, GO! I'm giving it my all, and that last 100 meters I truly thought that there was no way I was going to make it 4 whole rounds. 2:32 it took me. Shit! Paul said to keep it as close to 2 minutes as possible. Okay, breathe. Take a minute. Actually, get up and get your water bottle on the other side of the gym. Quickly, you only have one minute... pretty sure I had a serious equilibrium check there. In fact, the guy in the rower next to me may have even put his hands up as to block me from falling directly on top of him. Water, yes, water is what I need. I jog over, wet my whistle and I'm back in business. Bring it on Round 2. I start strong, but midway my body is protesting and won't let me go as fast as I need to. My pace is slowing, and although this round my time was 2:24 I know that I have to really dig deep to get the next two rounds done. I resolve in my head that it's just two more rounds... just two. You can do this Jen. Count the rows, keep your eyes off the distance until you think you're close. Okay... I can do this... Round 3 I start and before I realize it, I'm grunting and groaning and I am vaguely aware of my coach giving me some positive feedback "Doin' Great Jen" "Keep It Up". And I look down to see I'm at 400 meters, a few more pulls and I'm there. I cross off Round 3 and to be completely and utterly honest, I don't have any idea what my time is. I know I finished at :54 to the minute, so I wait for the next :54 to start my last and final round. I can feel the ache in my body and the fire in my mind to get this last round Done! I motor through, as quickly as I can. Pulling and growling and searching for distance and time and I will not give up! I pull through at 2:16 and I want to throw up, but instead I take in some oxygen, sip some water and start cheering the girl next to me. She's got 100 meters left and I know what that's like so I'm cheering her on and she picks up speed and before you know it she's pulled her last row and we are both gasping and just so happy to have it Done!! We did it! We finished it! Amen! lol

We report our scores to the coach who writes them on the whiteboard, and I leave feeling tired and accomplished and so incredibly proud of myself! What a glorious feeling.

I can't wait until tomorrow's class. I'm still quite a bit intimidated and shy, and nervous. Tomorrow is weights day. Oh please dear baby Jesus let me at least be able to lift the sissy bar! lol

I'll keep ya posted! ;-)

Crossfit after

Monday, August 27, 2012.

Well, I survivied. Haha! Actually, it wasn't too bad. I was certainly nervous, like trying to fill out paperwork and my hands were shaking so badly nervous. Ugh. I was glad Paul was there with me. Once we got into the gym we kinda stood around, and because Paul is still new too it was just a teensy bit weird because there was nothing to do but watch the class in front of you try and pull through the end of their class.

Then our coach told us to go run. It's 400 meters, so roughly a quarter of a mile. No big deal, except A) I haven't had a decent run in over two weeks and B) My nerves had me feeling nausea and running in the humid heat was not exactly ideal. I was trying to find my stride and sucking quite a bit of wind, just trying to calm my self and my breathing down. When we got back I remember thinking "nobody is here timing us? Oh, so it's a warm up thing and not a time thing. Pressure off, kinda."

Next, our coach gathered us around the white board. He went over the notes on the board (about upcoming box events) and about todays workout. Okay... no big deal, it's quite a strenuous workout, but all I can do it give it my all. It included Cindy (5 pull ups 10 hand release push ups and 15 air squats) and I've done Cindy before. Big breathes. Stretch time. Everyone stretches together. Okay, cool. I like this. I LOVE to stretch. I'm rather flexible, and enjoy staying limber. Next up is Strength Training... Overhead Squats and Snatches. Um... (shakily) okay. I know not how to perform these moves. No worries, because I'm not doing it! (Whew!) I get to Baseline. Huh?

Yes, coach sets everyone else up with their strength training moves (I stand by and watch his demonstration, ah... so he shows you what to do then walks around and helps you out. Cool). Back to me. Okay, we are going to Baseline. I will perform the following for time: 50 Air Squats, 40 Butterfly Sit Ups, 30 Hand Release Push Ups, 20 Pull Ups, and Row 500 Meters. GULP! He demonstrates each move, giving me the option to do strict or assisted push ups (you know I did assisted) and then he was kind enough to listen to my terrified and trembling voice state that I have never in my life performed a pull up. No Big Deal....they've got rubber bands. Like Big Girl rubber bands to help you get up there and assist you. It was a BIG rubber band and I was sure when I ran though a few reps for him that it was too light and not challenging enough for me. He smiled and said that it would be fine. Okay, Jen... going for time. Ready Set GO!

And I begin. Air squats, I got those.... Not Unbroken of course (lol). I think I got to 29 unbroken, then took it 4-5 at a time. A bit winded and quads-a-burning I controllably collapsed onto the ground and started in on my butterfly sit ups. I got to 20 and then somehow lost count around 27 (was is 37, maybe I was wishing it was 37). I went with 30 and set out for my last 10. At this point the burning in my core has replaced the burning of the quads. Oh good. Now roll over. Hand release push ups. I got to 18. I wanted to cry because my shoulders were on fire and I still had 12 to go. Two at a time, I got through them. Whew. Arms.Are.Jello. Take a quick sip of water, and walk over to the pull up bar. Dear God Almighty. How on earth am I gonna do this. Oh that's right.. Big Girl rubber band. (Thank you sweet baby Jesus). I climb atop the stool and can't seem to pull the band down to get my foot into it. Shit. I try just getting my foot up and into it (yeah, try standing on a stool and raising one leg up to your face and into a protesting rubber band... I'm gonna eat it!) Thankfully, a good Samaratin of the box (mid-his own workout) came over and held it down so I could get my foot it. Nice guy. And we're off. I'm pulling myself up, trying to bounce off the band and get whatever spring it gives me to get chin up to that damn bar. I'm literally bouncing all over the place, not just up and down but in front, in back, to the sides... I can't keep still and look like a damn fool. But I keep using that band to bounce this big girl up. Pulling and aching and burning I get through my 20 (if I'm being completely and utterly honest, I would have counted at least two of those no rep, but my body just would not do it, I swear I gave it everything!). I jumped down and walked over to the rower and happily sat down to bang out the last of my workout. 500 meters. Coach yells 6:49 Jen, doing great. Cool, I got this. Sit down, strap feet in, sip water bottle quickly and pull. 3 meters. Pull, 2 meters, Pull, 4 meters. And I continue to pull a bajillion times, each hundred I hit I quickly do the math in my head to calculate how much more, how much longer. My arms are sore, my quads are sore, and my chest is burning within... almost there, almost there. And before I know it... I yell TIME!!!

I look for a clock. I look at my coach, he's busy. I call him, but he doesn't answer. The Nice Guy acknowledges my finish and congraulates me (and might I just say, he was super Nice Guy the entire time yelling over his shoulder every few seconds that I did was doing a good job and to keep it up, Super Nice Guy).

My breathing slows, I take a sip of water, and before I realize it coach is in front of me. "When did you stop?" he asks. I stare, like I can't respond. After another prompting, I look at Nice Guy and start rambling that I don't know. I tried to call him and I tried to find a clock, and I even yelled TIME. Nice Guy says "Like, Five Minutes Ago" and I'm fairly confident he's being fececious and coach looks at me a gives a little lol and says, "so like three three and a half minutes ago." And again, with no concept of time I stare blankly and blush. "Ok" and he walks away.

I get up and walk around and am truly surprised that I feel super woozy and my legs and arms like jello. I decide to watch the workout. Actually, I wasn't asked to join in, and I think coach knew I was pretty well spent. To my shock, I started to feel the nerves again, followed quickly by a wave of lethargy and straight up naseau. "Oh my God," I think. "I'd better not faint. I'd better not throw up. What the hell is going on. I've done tougher workouts that this. Maybe I didn't eat enough today. Holy mother, keep me together. Please don't get sick."

And I didn't. Thank God.

Watching the workout, seeing how hard these people were working, seeing how hard the hubs was working, made me question if I can really do this. Do I want to do this? Yes. Yes I do... I've made the commitment til the end of the year, and I will give it my all. I may not be the fastest, or the fittest, or the strongest. But I will give it my everything and I will not give up. And I will be better than I was yesterday. Yes.

After the workout, I glance at the white board and see that the coach has my Baseline time at 7:02. I know that can't be right. He must not have counted the row, which was 2:38. So am I officially declaring my baseline time at 9:40. Under 10 minutes is okay with me. If I (roughly) refer to this link I am a classified Beginner (although I'd give myself the benefit of the doubt and say Novice, right people? lol) and am thoroughly happy that I did not come close enough to the 11 minute cut off time. I can only improve from here. And that is what I plan to do.

Next workout: Today at 3pm. It's Metabolic Conditioning... 4 rounds of jump rope and row. This I can handle. This I can stomach. Going to my first class by myself. It is currently 1:52pm, and yes my nerves are still there. But... this is the class I want to be in, an I will go in there are try and make as many friends as I can (maybe I'll even become the coach's pet, lol).

before Crossfit

Friday. August 24, 2012.
I have made a commitment to my husband, and to myself that I am going to try Crossfit. This is something that has become very near and dear to my husband, given that his father is very much alive today because of Crossfit and the wonderful community within it.

I want to Crossfit. Really, I do. But I can honestly say that right now, at this very moment... I Do Not have the confidence. I am scared. I am nervous. I am afraid.

The Pros.
I want to Crossfit to be fit.
I want to Crossfit to be the strongest I can be.
I want to Crossfit to challenge myself, physically and mentally.
I want to Crossfit because I know and love the community within it.
I want to Crossfit to honor my Dad's memory.
I want to Crossfit to make my husband and my father in law proud of me.
I want to Crossfit to make me proud of myself.
I want to Crossfit because there are so many people who overcome much more of life's hurdles than just fear.
I want to Crossfit to be the best I can be.

The Cons.
I'm scared that I won't be able to mentally challenge myself.
I'm scared to give up.
I'm afraid of injury.
I'm nervous to meet new people.
I'm nervous to work out with my husband. (In my eyes, he's a beast, and quite intimidating in the gym, lol).
I'm shy.
I don't want to let anyone down. Especially myself.

Regardless of all these conflicting feelings, here I sit... nearly 5 hours from my committed time to show up at Urban Warfit. I'm Day One into Aunt Flows visit (which I would normally use as an excuse to skip the gym). My body racks with fear every 20 minutes or so, I feel the blood drain from my face and my ears ring high pitch while my tummy is in knots and somersaults while trying to decide if it should empty its contents here and now or while at the gym during the workout. (How ultimately embarrassing).
But I have made a commitment. To my man, and to myself. The hubs will be there. He assures me the coaches goals are not to chew me up and spit me out, nor embarrass the poo out of me (except for when I have to introduce myself, ugh to public speaking). We have chosen to go to the late Friday class because statistically these are the smallest classes (you mean CF beasts skip a WOD to go out on a Friday Night?). My sweet husband has tried to put me in the best possible position for what is in store for me at the start of this hopefully-not-to-short journey into Crossfit.

It is my intention to give it my all. 100 percent.
It is my intention to show my coach, my husband, and myself that I have that small glimmer of possibility and am not a total loss in the Crossfit world.
It is my intention to enjoy the process. There is so much to learn, both physically and mentally and this is what I crave (and yet, what I fear).
It is my intention to commit myself to this life and to redefine myself, mind body and soul.

Here goes. Wish me luck. And by this time tomorrow I pray for the intensity and excitement for this sport that I so badly want to be apart of.

Heads Up....

A Slew of CrossFit posts are about to ensue. These are the ones that I hid from you. I wanna come clean. I want an honest and loving relationship with you. Just promise you wont judge or make fun or laugh or say mean things. I wrote these with the intent on keeping them totally personal, all to myself.

Sooooo, yeah. Listen to your mother, or rather my mother and follow this simple rule... "If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, Then Don't Say Anything At All".

Got It! Cool!



Hi world... how was your weekend? Mine was full of Some-Awe... also known as Awe-Some! See what I did there... I know, I know... Genius.

I know you're looking at today's blog title and going "what the heck is Paleo and what the heck does it have to do with your weekend?" I know this because I can read your mind. Right through your computer. Don't believe me? You are now thinking of Jello. No? Okay, just kidding. I can't read your mind. Wouldn't that be super cool if I could though!

Moving on. Or, back... to the Paleo thing.

So, for those of your that do better with visual aides here is the 'meat and sweet potatoes' version of Paleo.

And for those of you who want to "Extra Extra Read All About It", Google It!

I know, I know... you're probably thinking that Paleo looks like no fun. But I swerrr, it's not that bad! Check out Melissa Joulwan at The Clothes Make The Girl for the Yes and No List.

Allright, now that we got that out of the way... you wanna know what Paleo has to do with my weekend?? Well, Saturday the hubs and I went to our CF Box (that's CrossFit Box, for you non-CrossFitters, lol) Urban WarFit CrossFit and participated in the Warfit 30 Paleo Challenge!! Here's how it went down...

8am... Measurements, Weight, and Pictures. I got there 20 minutes early (I am my fathers daughter, for sure). I was numero uno and totally nervous.

9am... Baseline WOD (Workout Of the Day). 500 meter row, 50 Air Squats, 40 Sit Ups, 30 Push Ups, 20 Pull Ups (I did mine with a black band). Mind you... this is after warm up which consisted of a 400 meter run, and 20 minutes of mobility/stretching. There were 3 heats (or groups, if you will). The hubs and I were in heat 2. Wanna see a pic...

That's the hubs with the (new) orange shoes.... and that's me in the construction orange shirt, all blurry and pulling away. So, the point of a Baseline is to see where you are at, physically. At the end of the challenge, on November 17th we will do the exact same thing. Based on the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle, we should see improvements. I'll post my befores and afters at the end of the challenge. I don't wanna jinx myself in any way shape or form. LOL

10am... Paleo Seminar. We got some really great information and inspiration, went over the basics of Paleo and was encouraged to search all over the great wide web for more information. It was awesome, and the best part was I got to meet a bunch of like minded people who are with me in this journey. It's very cool.

Needless to say, I spent Sunday COOKING! Holy Cooking! I was in that kitchen from 9am til nearly 9pm! It was cray-cray! Aren't you just the least bit curious of what was on the menu? Well, sharing is caring... so here ya go party people...

  • Scrambled 12 Eggs with Organic Turkey Chorizo, Onions, Bell Peppers, Spinach and Jalepenos
  • Slice and Roast 10 Sweet Potatoes for Sweet Potato Chips
  • Halve 7 Sweet Potatoes and Bake (those went into the freezer after cooked)
  • Halved and Baked a Spaghetti Squash (half went into the freezer)
  • Halved and Baked an Acorn Squash (went in freezer)
  • Roasted 4 pounds of Broccoli (yes, we eat that much broccoli)
  • Cooked down 2 bunches of Kale with Garlic and Lemon Juice
  • Made Paleo Lemon Blueberry Donuts
  • Made Crockpot Chicken Verde 
  • Grilled 8 Chicken Breasts
  • Grilled 12 Turkey Burgers
  • Cut and Cleaned 4 Whole Stalks of Celery Sticks
This will feed my family until about Wednesday, maaaaaaaybe Thursday. But I already have my next grocery list started. Here is the great thing... my whole family is in on this. The hubs, and both the teen and pre-teen. It has been really awesome to watch both of my kids become very inquisitive and thirsty to know more about eating clean and working hard. But that's totally another post!

To conclude my (very) long post on Paleo... this is what I'm into, this is what my family is into. We've been eating paleo for about 3 months now, not nearly as strict as will be required during the next 30 (now 28.5) days in order to WIN this challenge. It has been a road of small adjustments to get to this place, and I know with the challenge in place it is going to take many more small adjustments to WIN. In all honesty, this challenge is really Me against Myself. It is me making the daily, hourly, and minutely choices to stick with this wholeheartedly, 100%. No matter what the outcome of the challenge at WarFit, we will all be winners for giving it out all. I'm excited about it! I'll keep you updated!

FF no.1

FF = Fast Forward in our house. But for the sole purpose of this blog, we will be using FF = Fun Facts! As in... Fun Facts, about me. In case you care, or are stalking me (in that case I'd write these down if I were you).

1.  I read scrapbooking blogs. Like every day. Even though I've scrapbooked all of 4 pages this entire year! I still love looking at scrapbooking art! It's a fav of mine! Want me to share some of my favorite blogs? Too bad, here they are anyway. lol

2.  I have recently (as in this year) become addicted to Swagbucks! You earn 'bucks' for watching videos, playing games, taking polls and surveys, and other cool stuff, and you use your 'bucks' to buy cool stuff like gift cards (I've almost got enough 'bucks' for a $100 gift card... yeah boiiii!) Who doesn't love free money!

3.  I know it's Halloween and all, but I don't watch scary movies. Ever! Part of it is because I watched McGee & Me : The Not-So-Great Escape (Christian movie that basically shows when Nick sneaks out to a movie his parents didn't want him seeing, he has nightmare... parents were right). Part of it is because I tried watching a scary movie when I was 14 or 15 (I think it was Freddy or something, I just remember camping and a chainsaw) anyway, I spent the entire movie covering my eyes and trying to cover my ears at the same time. You can't unsee that nasty stuff. 

4.  I drink my coffee black. Yep. I gave up the sugary creamers back in 2010 when I went through some food testing. It's just not healthy, BUT... I'm still a sucker for a Skinny Vanilla Latte or PSL from Starbucks every once in a while (those are both loaded with sugar, too).

5.  I live with my husband. I work with my husband. That's a whole lotta husband around. Don't get me wrong, it can be pretty amazing, but it has is weary moments too. Not everyone can work with their spouse. Thankfully, we can. Whew!

That's all I got for now. Got any FFs for yourself? You should totally blog about them. Because its fun. And who doesn't like fun!

OK, so here's the thing...

I know I've been absent on this blog, like really absent.
I know my 'blogging style' doesn't really follow a curriculum or layout or have any sense of direction.
I know I've got all of two readers left (and I love them dearly).
All these thing I know...

But what you don't know is...

I've been blogging in secret.
I've been blogging here, on this blog, just not posting them (they are all saved).
I've been blogging about things that (obviously) I wasn't sure I wanted to share with the WWW.

And then, I came to this really wonderful realization...

I Don't Care.
I don't care if my readers agree with me and my words or not. (Sidenote: I DO Care about my readers, because for the most part they are my friends and my family, so don't go twisting this around, I Care about YOU, just not about censoring my own thoughts as to not piss you off, does this make any sense? The point is, I really like you, Call Me Maybe?)
I don't care if my blog isn't cool, or crafty, or consistent (the letter of the day seems to be C, lol).

Because this is MY blog! I can say what ever the heck I want!
I can curse like a sailor, I can share some rhymes (okay, maybe not... some of them are embarrassing, lol), I can write about my day, I can write about religion or politics or cartoons! I can do what ever I want because this tiny space in the world of all things online is My space (well, not my MySpace, but you get what I'm saying, right?)

I'm just gonna write what I want, share what I want, say what I want. Most of the time this will sound as though it's coming from brain to keyboard through fingers without the hint of any internal filter... yeah, that sounds honest. Sometimes I'll post something and sit on it before I actually share it (like a few I've got coming in the future). Sometimes there will be words, other times not. Sometimes there will be pictures, other times not. Sometimes there will be links, other times not (you get the picture, right).

The point is this. I want this blog to remain personal to me, while sharing the things that I do not want to forget (like the previous post, Dear Cameron). Mostly, this will be about me right now (like Right Now, Right Now... not Later, Later?) (Another Sidenote: I should add here that most of you probably won't get my humor unless you are a fungi, you've met me in person, or seen video of me [maybe I should Vlog, hmmm...] but we shall work on these kind of things together.) 

What I've noticed while going back on the archives here (also known as the Day's of my Life) is that I tend to go through phases. That's totally normal, right? From Scrapbooking, to crafting, to baking, to photography, to gym rat, to grieving... you all remember. Anywho... I'm back at it with a new obsession in life (that you will hear more and more and more about) and I can't wait to share! Yay me, Yay you!

Okay, lemme wrap up the ranting (though, this is what most of my post will sound like... aka ridiculous nonsense). Just... stay tuned. If you want to.... okay, pretty please?

Dear Cameron

Dear Cameron,

This morning, as I walked into the kitchen from dropping your sister off at High School you were standing on the stairs. It was early, there wasn't enough coffee in my system, hence my sour attitude. But as I looked over at you, you smiled and asked "Do you like my hair"? It took me a minute to realize that it was combed, with gel in it! I smiled at you and said "Yes. It looks really good." "I did it myself, so it looks allright?" You asked. My heart opened wide and I smiled as I said "Yes, it looks awesome Bud, I Love It!"

I know that today is you are your girlfriend Brooke's 1 month anniversary. I know you have a plastic purple heart filled with her favorite candy, Skittles, that you plan on giving her today. My heart swoons at these little moments where I can see that you are slowly changing into a young man.

I don't want to forget these moments.

Please don't be in a huge rush to grow up. Remember, a very wise man once told me "Be a kid as long as you can, you have the rest of your life to be a grownup."

I love You Bubba.


gangnam style

i must share the delicious silliness of the next big craze... gangnam style. so fun.

today is a gift

a beautiful video shared to me from my father in law. i want to be grateful for every day, and make each day a truly great day.

as of right... NOW

Time: 12:11pm

Location: My desk at Work

Watching: Project Runway

Eating: Half of a Buffalo Chicken Mini Meatloaf and green beans

Drinking: Cold Coffee and Smart Water

Feeling:   Nervous-ish (blog post to follow)

Reading: The Christian Grey series (for the second time) and am 53% into Book Two

Thinking: About my workout today, and the blog posts I have been hiding from you all

Wanting: To get started on my Christmas shopping (ideas are flowing)

Needing: Absolutely nothing. 

Making: Strong Efforts and Intentions to myself and to those I love

Loving: Life. Being alive, and being allowed to breathe in the land of the free!

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teenage parenting : cyberbully

Being a parent to a teenage or preteen child of today's world is so much more difficult than it was, say 20 years ago... heck, even 10 years ago. With the constant advances in technology and the ever expanding form of cyber communication life for our kids is much more complex. Gone are the days of simply calling your best friends after school and tying up the phone line until dinner. Now there is text, chat, messaging, camera to camera messaging, photo messages (not to mention the social media like Facebook and Myspace)... you name it, it is probably possible. This opens up so many opportunities for our kids to be zeroed in on and harrassed and bullied (not to mention the subject of predator). Statistically, i-SAFE states that:

  • Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying.
  • More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyberthreats online.
  • Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.
  • Well over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs
Please take the time and Watch this:

If you have a teenage or preteen child, and / or in you are entertaining the thought of allowing your child access to the internet and cyber world please consider sitting down together and watching the ABC Family movie Cyberbully. This movie will help open the door to discuss the very real dangers of your child being 'online' and allow you to have an open conversation on what the guidelines and rules are within your household. 

Personally, my 13 year old daughter has a laptop, and both my daughter and 12 year old son have an iTouch with internet capability. They do not have smart phones. We have set in place many strict rules, and both parents and kids know what those are. Unfortunately, just because you have set rules A) doesn't mean that they will always follow them and B) doesn't secure your kids from becoming victim to cyberbullying. We are parent's have to do overtime in monitoring what is sent via online, text and picture messaging, email, etc. It is ALOT of work and as much I don't want to say it, there are so many... too many parent's out there that DO NOT follow up with their kids cyber activities. I urge you to be proactive in protecting your child and guiding your child with the knowledge of what being online is all about. 

America's Sheriff

Andy Griffith has passed away, at 86. 

I loved coming home from school to watch reruns of The Andy Griffith Show (I always wanted to live in Mayberry... still do).
As a family we watched every single episode of Matlock (and I still watch the reruns on TV, even to this day).
He was a Grammy winning Gospel singer.

He reminds me of my Dad. 
Especially in this song.

Rest In Sweet Peace, Mister Andy Griffith.

Do you remember this post ...

The grim details are here ...
and this was suppose to be my family, my entire family. 

The show airs this Friday. I will probably record it, and watch it when I can stomach it. 

fill in the blank friday

1.  On a scale from 1-10 the frequency with which I get sick is,   a two, i think. i rarely get the flu or colds. but everyone knows, i tend to injure myself (back and neck issues) more often than i'd like to admit   .

2.   The last time I felt sick was    lol, yesterday, after cycle class. i was so ready to puke, but does that really count? lol   .

3.  The worst part about being sick is     having zero energy      because     life still moves around in a rapid pace, and if you slow down or stop, you'll get ran right over, then you gotta sprint to catch up  .

4. When I am sick I like to be taken care of by    my Mom, lol. when i am so sick (or in severe pain from injury) my Mom will come over and bring me soup and 7up, or stacks of dvds to watch. she's so good to me .

5. Something I do to keep myself healthy is     exercise and eat clean (for the most part) .

6. A secret remedy that I use when I'm sick is to     get lots and lots of sleep, and if it's a cold, lots of lemon tea with honey... just like my grandma used to give me when i was sick .

7.  One thing that always makes me feel better when I'm sick is   sleep, resting my body, hot tea, and warm soup  .

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