the last day of july. 2009

'i love you in place. where theres no space or time. i love you for my life. your a friend of mine.'

I can't seem to get enough of Michael Buble, and listen to his album It's Time (2005) every single day.

I think The Uniform Project is super inspiring!

I Miss THIS girl So Much!!

I'm all about Twitter these days! Totally luv*luv that I can 'tweet' from my phone! And I luv*luv all my tweeterettes!! :)

Heard about Hollywood Regency today at the salon... I Must Go ASAP! :)

The hubs is playing poker tonight, so it's just me and the kiddos... giving me time to get laundry done and work on my art journaling... more to come (like the visuals) later... I kinda like nights like this. hehe :)

i <3 giveaways...

you MUST go HERE to Janel's blog to enter her way awesome antique quilt! it's crazy and i luv*luv it!! Seriously... go there now!! :)

let the countdown begin...

This movie is going to be AMAZING in that 'jim burton fantasy world' kind of way... sigh... sometimes I wish I could live in a Tim Burton movie...

etsy*love : artist Luiza Vizoli

Look at this incredible piece of art I got to buy off of ETSY from this completely*amazing artist LUIZA VIZOLI !! Isn't it stunning!

I was looking for something with a POP of red (and naturally green) and also with a bit of 'whimsical' added to it. I found LUIZA VIZOLI's etsy shop (check her out, she has A*Ma*Zing artwork), and (honest-to-blog) *gaspped* when I saw this original painting! Beautiful! I am so excited I can't WAIT to get it hung up next to my desk!! Yay!! I just had to share!! What'd ya think??

i've watched this 14 times now...

and I want to share this with the world!!!
my all-time FAV*o*RITE artist miss Elsie Flannigan !!!!!

talk about Happy*Mail !!!

When I got home today, I was super excited because Lexi (my car) got a once-over at the auto beauty shop and was waitin' for me with a new oil change, new rear brakes, and lookin' fine (big-huge thank you huggies for my car guy). Then, I noticed that Verizon had sent my replacement phone (finally)... a bonus! hehe
But when I went to the mail... I swerr, what I found COMPLETED MY DAY!!

My fantabulous amoeba broach that I won on a giveaway over at ASHLEY'S blog!

And Some HAPPY MAIL LOVE from JANEL! Thank you lovelie peoples for making my day (which happens to be a Wednesday... by the way. lol)!!

movies i can't *wait to see...

so, we went to go see The Proposal and (confession time) I think the movie previews before the feature presentation are my favorite parts about going to see a movie at the theatre. Anywho... coming out soon enough, I want to see --->
All About Steve

The Time Travelers Wife

Funny People
*I can't seem to find a trailer to add... sorry. :(


i totally owe you some serious blogging. and ashley... i know i owe you pics of Salvation Mountain, but with the AZ Heat in the 110+ degrees all week long... I've been crazy-busy! So, while I pinky-promise to blog and post eye candy galore as soon as possible (like, within a week) I will leave you with these little tid'bits...
  • 4th of July was super fun. Fireworks in Anthem on 7/3 (pics to come). 7/4 bbq at mom & dads. we had to watch the business while jeff & kelly were in minnesota (for a family reunion-esque thing) so paul pretty much worked the whole time, but it was all good.
  • last weekend took kids to CA for their annual two weeks with Granny & Grumpy. this year they invited jake (my nephew) to come too. we stopped off at Salvation Mountain on the way (okay actually it was a good hour drive out of the way, then hour drive back) but SOOO worth it and I can't wait to go back (in the cooler weather. hehe) again... pics to come.
  • had this past week with no kids which you would totally be like 'woohoo' and usually under normal circumstances it is... however i don't consider 113 degrees normal and paul and i have been putting in some loooong (10+) hour days. cross your fingers this weekend he doesn't have to work (he's going on 20 days with no day off) and we can 'date'. lol
  • no real set in stone plans for the weekend. but we'd like to get to cabelas (for a friends and family invite only sale) and downtown glendale for some vintage shopping (looking for a particular cookie jar.. i know, needle in a haystack, but its about the hunt, not the find... okay, not always. hehe) we plan on going to Ebisu for sushi, Buffalo Wild Wings for the best wings ever :), and i really really want to see these movies:

What are YOU doing this weekend??

I told you I'm still Crafty

Its been a whiiile since I've done anything crafty. This layout was started months ago... it just stayed on my desk, laying there doing nothing. Well, the other week I got the creative bug up my butt and busted out THIS book for my Dad (and Mom) and have been on the move since.

Today, on my list of things-to-do:
  1. Work from home. Answer and Dispatch calls to Paul.
  2. Clean out the playroom. DONE
  3. Clean out kids rooms.
  4. Laundry.
  5. Pack kids for CA.
  6. Clean out My Closet.
  7. Clean desk.
  8. Pick up kids from Moms.
  9. Fireworks in Anthem.

And maybe, here and there blog, or create something lovely. :-)

Vintage Find

So... last Saturday, my mom and I were shopping in Historic Glendale and of course we had to stop into one of my favorite shops, Pink House Treasures. I love looking at all the local artist finds (it's like a in-person etsy).
I saw this purse laying there all alone on the shelf, no other purses looked anything like it. It was so different and unique, I gasped as I grabbed it to check the price. $9.00 I think I yelled out loud the price to my mom in amazement... explaining to her that I am in love and this was a 'no-duh' purchase.
Later that night, looking at the detail and craftsmanship of this bag, I searched the interior for a label of whoever designed and crafted this bag. As I open up the zipped pocket inside... I was amazed and shocked and super-excited to find this...

251 Rupees (thats Indian Money). I was stoked! I was elated! It was like finding buried treasure!! Of course, I spent the rest of the night telling everyone about my lucky find.

Monday morning, I dashed into work... I had to find a Rupees to Dollar conversion online. I mean 251 Rupees... I could be holding onto $5,000 and not even know it. As I put in the right amount of Rupees I waited patiently for the outcome (as if I were sitting in front of a slot machine at the casino)... it came up... $5.17
Yes, my big treasure! Lol. So, it paid for half the purse... but it was the coolest thing that had happened to me yet! :-)

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