2016 Recap

Well, 2016 was quite a year. I didn't blog much (obvi) but so many things did happen in my life. 

January | I became an iPad owner. I moved to a different Crossfit Box (where my husband was). I had an MRI done on a spot found in my lung. I went to Laughlin with the Hubs to meet up with some Nebraska peeps. Cameron started driving practice.

February |  I went to see my favorite musical, Carousel. I participated in the Crossfit Open and got my first and consecutive next nine Chest to Bar pullups. 

March | I was the sickest I have ever been in my entire life. Basically bed ridden and unable to function for nearly two weeks. It was awful, especially because I missed our friends wedding (and I love weddings). Also went to the Nascar race, and celebrated 17 years of marriage with the Hubs. Probably the funnest thing of the year, we took the kids to Cancun. It was the most incredible family vacation. We are so incredibly blessed. 

April | Courtney and I drove back home to Cali for our new nephew's baby shower. Then I met up with my BFF Steph in Laughlin for our annual girl trip. 

May | The hubs was so incredibly good to me, taking me up to Sedona (one of my favorite places ever). The kids went to Prom (Cameron's first, Courtney's last). My sweet nephew was born so we went back to Cali for a visit. And we celebrated Cameron turning 16.

June | Work was busy, especially running the office by myself. Courtney and I went up to Flagstaff for a two day orientation at NAU. That was so exciting. We also celebrated our other nephew's first birthday. Perhaps the biggest news for June, Paul finally got new sunglasses for Fathers Day. Oakleys.

July | All the work, all the work, all the work. Also, was asked to be the leader of our Hospitality Team at church. Unfortunately we also had crisis team at our home to help us deal with, well, family crisis. Don't worry, everything is Ok.

August | Cameron got his license. Courtney dyed her hair, and moved away. She went off to college, and while we were thrilled, it took the rest of the year to adjust to living. Thankfully, the Hubs was brilliant at distracting me by taking me to Sedona. 

September | Had a fabulous "Girls Day" with my Mama at the Omni Resort and Spa. I started bible journaling. We had family weekend in Flagstaff.

October | I spent many days at my Mom's cleaning out the office. We had a charity event for Dougie to beat cancer. Went to several Cardinal games. Went to a Halloween party as the couple from Beetlejuice when they try and scare away the new owners. We also celebrated Paul's Great-Aunt's 90th birthday!

November | Spent two whole days on a shopping spree with my Mama where I bought myself many new articles of clothing, and three new pairs of boots. (I never shop for myself). We held a Charity poker tournament for Doug. Went to the theatre with my Mom. Best of all, I spent an entire "Girl's Weekend" in San Francisco and Napa. It was pretty much the highlight of my year. On top of that... I was fortunate enough to see Adele in concert. We finished out the month with having Dana and our new nephew come visit for Thanksgiving, and took some beautiful family photos.

December | At the beginning of this crazy busy month, Mom and I went down to Tempe and had a delicious dinner on Mill Ave at La Bocca, then rode in a bike shuttle to ASU Gammage to see Mama Mia. About a week later, I was fortunate to attend the 2016 K-Love Christmas with my friend Amanda where I got to see my favorite Christian band, Crowder, perform. I drove up to NAU and brought Sissy home for the holidays! Spent an incredible night with my CFBF Jess where we dined at Southern Rail, then came home and watched Christmas movies while sipping on Peppermint White Russians. All the Christmas decorating, gift wrapping and parties happened. the hospitality group hosted a Hot Chocolate Bar (along with Coffee, Water, and Hot Apple Cider) for 3 Christmas Eve services at church. And then, Christmas came and went per usual, all too fast. 

So many great celebrity losses this year, and many personal struggles for myself as a mother, a woman, and future business owner. Suffice to say, I am ready to pack up 2016 and start the New Year with a fresh breathe!!

© something Big is coming...
Maira Gall