RVA - Project 1

Wow... it's taken me long enough (about a week) but I finally finished my first project...
the 'Color Me Happy' Rainbow Scrapbook! ta-da!! :-)


you are the best movie EVER... *especially in 3D!

i can't wait to see you again!

Happy *Valentine's Day!

sweets for my sweet!, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

Have a cupcake!! :-)

one day

:D, originally uploaded by Ms. Kara.

guess what...

Happy *early Valentine's present to Me!!

Since my photography class fell through (don't ask) and Paul felt really bad about that, he said I could take this online class by the uuber-talented and monster-inspiring Rachel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan!!

Yay Me!!


read this

Congratulations Elsie!

This girl... Elsie Flannigan

is one of the most INSPIRING people on the face of the planet! She recently opened up her OWN STORE, followed by her own ONLINE STORE! Without even knowing this girl in person, she is by far super amazing! She started out as one of my favorite scrapbookers (I've had a few... hehe. But I can totally remember the first layout I ever saw of hers) and has since turned into my most favorite artist in the entire world!! Aside from that... she has followed her dream. That, in and of itself, I am sooo envious and at the same time, so proud, and as always inspired! Tears of joy came streaming down the day she opened her shop. It is amazing to me that a person (whom I don't even know) can completely touch my heart and make me want to follow my dreams, be a better person in this world, and enjoy my life to the fullest. Congratulations Elsie!
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