weekend creativity

i had such a wonderful weekend! friday night we went to the Arizona Cardinals preseason game against Green Bay with our friends the Deukers. Even though we lost, we had soo much fun and great seats (hopefully pics to come later). Afterwards we went to the The Shout House and O-M-to-tha-G we had a ton of fun! Can't wait to go there again!!

Saturday was the baby shower for my neighbor Kim... Saturday night I spent the evening with my other neighbor Michelle making homemade invitations to our Halloween party :)

Sunday after church the whole family pitched in to clean the entire house ('bout time) and afterwards I got to get two more pages done in my art journal...

and a little bird house painting! hehe

How was YOUR weekend??

Take A Step Before Runnin'

Take A Step Before Runnin', originally uploaded by azscrappinjen.

I've got 6 of 13 pages completed, photographed, and uploaded over at flickr... go check 'em out... if you want. :)
P.S. Thanks Vivs for the great class!! Can't wait to finish! :)

my birthday was awesome!

Look at all the COOL stuff I got for my birfday! :)

My good friend Becca gave me these two A-dorable rhinestone bangles from Sashay Jewelry (which she sells) and I must say... I have *quite the wish list there. The cutest stuff for inexpensive prices... loves them... wear them almost daily! :)

I *finally got myself a pair of Converse AllStars and I couldn't be happier. I needed a pair of low-key black shoes and these are purrrfect!

Okay... these just might be my new favs! Cute lil' green comfy-cozy slip ins that I got at Target... for 5 Bucks!! WooHoo! Can you say... SCORE! lol

I also got a really cute singing pillow thats embroidered 'You Are My Sunshine' (and plays that song) from my parents, and from my kiddos (and the hubs even though the hubs gave me a beautiful dozen of red roses) I got a girly Official NFL Jersey #11 Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals!! I haven't taken a pic of it yet, b/c I am hoping to wear it to the game this Friday Night when we are gonna Stomp Green Bay!! :)
And Last... but *certainly not least...
my friend Jamie sent me a happy birthday package that I got yesterday!!
I mean c'mon... look at the Party goin' on in the box!! :-)

Here are all the goodies she sent!! And I must say, I *love getting handmade cards! (Yes, that is a felt broach that says Camera Girl that I am wearing today! hehe)

I truly am blessed to have so many people in my life who love me, and care for me, and are there for me. That really is the greatest gift of all...
Love You All!!

I really Really REALLY wanna win!!

JANELs Quilt Giveaway is amazing! check it out!

29. today.

29 before 30
1. Go on a picnic.
2. Take a photography class.
3. Ride in a hot air balloon.
4. Eat authentic Indian food.
5. Go hiking in Flagstaff.
6. Read 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.
7. Take a weekend road trip spontaneously.
8. Write a story.
9. Lay in the grass and make out objects in the clouds.
10. Find my grandmothers cookie jar, and buy it.
11. Make a calendar with everyones birthdays in it.
12. Visit Liz in MD.
13. Complete my quotes journal.
14. Pay for a strangers meal.
15. Go to the Phoenix Art Museum.
16. Cut my hair. Short(er).
17. Attend a class / retreat at church.
18. Do a cleanse.
19. Try a new craft (quilting, knitting, embroidery, etc.)
20. Wear a formal gown to work.
21. Leave a $50 tip.
22. Go to a car show.
23. Learn how to speak Spanish.
24. Decorate my bedroom.
25. Lose 20 pounds.
26. Spend an entire day in silence.
27. Shop at the Farmers Market.
28. Get a record player and play mom and dad's records.
29. Read the entire Bible.

it's that time of year again...

I can't hardly believe it... my kids are growing up! My daughter is already in Sixth grade (I can remember quite clearly my sixth grade year) and my son is in Fourth grade (seems like it was just last year I walked him into kindergarten). This does not help the baby fever I get from time to time... but I will admit, my kids are a ton of fun to hang out with!

this weekend was filled with MEN

FRIDAY NIGHT - I was super lucky to go see Mister Trace Adkins...
...and Mister Toby Keith in concert!! What an amazing show! I've seen Toby many many times (always pus on a good show) but his co-pilot... yum! Talk about some Eye Candy!! lol!!
SATURDAY - The day sorta slipped away... but Sat night I *finally got to start Season One of Mad Men... oh my goodness I am hooked! I wanted to start this show way back when it first began, but missed the first two eps... by the third ep ya kinda need to watch one and two. anywho, i am way super excited to finally get into it (don't spoil anything for me. hehe)

SUNDAY - of course was about Him! As in the Lord!! :) Went to Church and heard the greatest message about what God wants us to know about Fear (we all have it... we all experience it). Reading from Matthew 14:22-33.

the weekend before last...

i feel so bad... i've been meaning to blog this but have been busy (so sorry luvs). anyway... we had my sister's kids for the weekend. i love having them for a weekend, because my kids are so much bigger than the little ones (4 and 2) so i like to do the things i used to do with my babes when they were... well... babes... smaller babes. hehe. i thought something really cool and interesting and fun would be a Rainbow Cake from this cool girls blog! My nephew was AAAAALLLLLLLLL about it!! I love giving him the time and attention he longs for! He's so precious!!
Then there is my niece! Who totally steals my heart when she walks around in my heels (even more so in my Betsey Johnsons hehe)! Yup... she is definitely her auntie's niece!! :)
so much has happened since that weekend... like, a whole week! lol! i definitely stressed with the kids last week before school starting (thank goodness for my parents)... with school starting back up i promise i will have more time to blog and open the doors to my little world. peace out!!


thursdays are sometimes a different kind of day for me

i don't have the normal schedule of driving 45 minutes to work (and back). Thursdays I get to work closer to home (at my second job) but I also get a little more 'ME' time.

Things that are inspiring me enough to share with you...
got this from Vivs

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

found this lovely photoset by J'M Photography on Once Wed

LA has totally made me obsess about bubblegum machines, and more specifically trying to find one similar to the one i used to have in my bedroom growing up (from baby years to teenage years). hmmm.

a good friend told me about this movie...

...and now i can hardly wait to see it!

so excited for friday! don't really know why... i'll have my sister's 3 kids all weekend long... i think every once in a while i enjoy the house full of kid-craziness and laughing and screaming and snuggling and just enjoying the time together. :)

tuesday... monday's do-over!

i actually went to bed early last night (like 9pm) and fell asleep (lots of lack of sleep this weekend... mind's been on super-overload mode lately) so i woke up on the better side of the bed this morn.
yay! i was so super excited to see my painting from miss Luiza Vizoli framed and hung up! it looks so beautiful... and it totally put a smile on my face this morn.
the amazing Miss Ally sent me this ATC and i absolutely luv*luv it!! a million plus one thankU thankU's!!!

(something i forgot to share a while ago) the hubs just*had to buy me this 'pine-scented' air freshner because it is *totally without a doubt ME! hehe
speaking of the incredible Anne Taintor (i love her style in a serious-kinda way. hehe) i now have a mini-collection of her pins... i'm up to seven (hows 'bout i post a pic when i have 9...).

and in talking about fantastic artists... Miss Jamie totally turned me on to My Dead Pony and this piece just really made a crap-ton of sense to me. hmm.

oh what else can i share....

oooh... I got Happy Mail from the wonderful Miss Janel (pics on that to come) and don't worry MissJamie my darling my dear your's in on it's way!!! :)

Okay, well for a tuesday... that's all I got. Lookin' forward to tomorrow (hump day. yay.) TTFN!

really... i'm not a cry baby...

"Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it." -Albert Smith

"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messingers of overwhelming grief... and unspeakable love." -Washington Irving

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou

For me... for those that *know me, the worst thing ever would be to cry... to shed tears. It's a combination of feeling weak, unable to control and keep composure... And allowing myself to be that vulnerable not only to others, but to myself (I know... I got problems). I'm one of those people who have to 'hold it together' for those around me, I'm the one planning the funeral just to keep busy from mourning... yeah. I sound like I'm bragging, but really.. this is a problem. My biggest problem, I think. Today, it is affecting me, and I think I just need to vent about it. So there. I did it. Vent done.... bring on tomorrow.

ooooohhhh.... lookie what i got tody...

this adorable vintage-inspired bag (absolutely luv*luv the wooden green handles) and my very own pair of BetseyJohnson shoes!! (so they were a size 8 and I wear an 8.5/9... I got in 'em. hehe) but they were a steal!
I also picked up a vintage wedding cake topper to add to my collection. yay!
And.... I ate at this amazingly delicious deli... I think it's called Scotts Generations... yum-yum!!

yes... i bring you *more movie trailers...

These two movies… I don’t know.. for whatever reason just bring the word ‘hope’ to me. I really can’t wait to see them.

This… I think every single person should see… something I’m totally for.

And, well… this just makes me LOL in a big way (plus I totally am excited to see Jason Bateman on the big screen again, hehe)
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