it's been a while...

i know. i've been absent.

the temps reached above 100 degrees this week = meaning = my phone rang off-the-hook with people needing cool air. we've worked long, hard hours this week... this week one of many this hot arizona summer. Day & Night (Carrier)... the product we are committed dealers to. Keeping us busy... and more importantly these days... employed! i am grateful every single day that i have such a necessity of a career/industry.

since we've been back from Kauai, i haven't had much time (or energy) to do any*thing creative.
Oh, the holidays have such a different taste in your mouth when divorce is into play.
The family came over to our house. It was somewhat small and quiet... never knew how much one person could affect the extended-family unit. We missed Joe, but still wished him a Happy Easter.

Oh... what else.
I upload some new pics from Kauai (that were on *my camera)... I think I'll upload more of those in a seperate post.

Got totally addicted to Green Spot (a game on MySpace)...

That's my Garden! (I'm so proud!!)

And... believe this!!!... I SCRAPBOOKED! Yeah!

TWO Layout!! in one night! Heck Yeah!
I actually felt really good doing it.. I wanted to do it. I wanted my kids to have the pages of their books filled with their lives. I went back to the reason we all begin scrapbooking... to preserve our memories for generations to come. And that felt really, Really good!!


LAME.JPG, originally uploaded by flickrbrain.

Yes, I realize I totally bite when it comes to keeping up with this blog. I promise you I have the best of intentions. I will do better. I am sure you have been worried sick with what is going on in my tiny little insignificant life... oh who am I kidding... no one reads this blog. teehee!
be back soon...
i promise.

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