my mojo came back

Yes, it did, and I was so happy to have it back with me!!

My Beloved Scrap Mojo!

No joke, people... one morning I woke up, and crafted up like, 6 cards and mailed them! Yes, it really happened. And it happened so fast that I didn't even get a chance to take pictures of those cute little things!

Oh well... because...

The very next day I woke up and the mojo went all ballistic on me and I pumped out... ready, wait for it... FIVE whole entire 12 x 12 scrapbooking pages! Five... in One Day! It was raining scrap-happy mojo all over the place to the point that I went out after 7pm (I'm a hermet after 6pm) and went to the craft store for a few necessary supplies (new craft knife, adhesive, glue, etc). I can't even explain it all, it is pretty much straight up magic! Yep, nothing but unicorns and glitter in these parts of my world! hehe

Wanna see?

And guess what... there's more on the way! hehehe. YAY!!! I Love Scrapbooking again!!

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Gina said...

Beautiful LOs, Jen! I am sooo jealous! Send some of that fairy dust this way!

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