A Dog's Purpose

Growing up I was scared of dogs. Scared as in scream my head off running for the hills any time I even saw one within the vicinity of being able to reach me. My family tried as hard as they could, even getting my sister a little dog (I was almost moved out by then).

Once I got married, we tried again (my husband is a "dog person") and we got a weiner dude, whom I was afraid to be alone with (ankle biter) and ended up leaving our home.

When the kids were a little older (5 and 6) and we had just moved into our new home (the home we have raised our children in) Santa brought us our first real family dog, Gunner.

He was just a baby, and I immediately fell in love. My fears were completely gone, and I just felt in my heart that this was just the right puzzle piece to complete our little growing family.

He has been "Mama's Boy" for 11 an a half years. And today, we have to say goodbye.

To say I am beyond heartbroken would be an understatement. I am shattered, I am so blue. It is just so much harder than I ever imagined, saying goodbye to a dog.

He has been the protector of my children, making his midnight rounds from door to door.
He has been my protector, sleeping under my side of the bed, at full attention if I wake.
He has been my husbands best friend, rolling around on the carpet playing and wrestling.
He loves to come out front and visit with the neighbors on the weekends.
He loves to catch water we throw over the shower door.
He gets SO EXCITED when I hang his stocking because he knows Santa will be filling it up soon.
He can spell... he knows "Gonna Git The M-A-I-L" and "T-R-E-A-T".
He loves swimming at Grandmas, and getting "A Piece of Ice" when Daddy makes his lunch in the morning.
He lays under my legs when I'm sitting on the couch.
He ALWAYS wants to play ball.
When he hears my blow dryer come on, he rushes upstairs with his ball so I can kick it while I dry my hair.
He lets the littles lay with him.
He loves getting new toys from Bark Box or when we come home with grocery bags.

There are a million tiny things I will love and cherish, and miss about my 'ol man.

I am so eternally grateful that God brought this Dog into my life. He has been so much more than a pet. He's completed us, and that was always his purpose.

Rest In Sweet Peace, My Gunner Boy.
© something Big is coming...
Maira Gall