...more of the big C...

Meet my Aunt Kelly.

Well, she's not my aunt by blood. She is the hubs aunt (by blood) but more than family, she is my boss, and she is my best friend.

Over the last 16+ years I have spent nearly all my days and countless hours with this lady. She is the ying to my yang, the salt to my pepper, the beavis to my butthead.

Kelly has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Signet Cell Cancer.

Quite literally, this happened in a matter of weeks. She went into her primary as a once-over before starting a monitored diet. What started off as a small sharp pain in her lower abdomen has (after every blood test, scan, and outpatient medical procedure necessary) come back as Cancer.

Stupid, ugly, life-altering Cancer. 

It has been a whirlwind of emotions for everyone involved. For me personally, I vacillate from pure anger to complete positivity to absolute terror. And of course, there is the hashing up from Dad's fight with CancerIt is truly so much to deal with, and so much to take in and process out, my feelings, my emotions, even my physical reactions... it's all so crazy. 

I think I might turn back to blogging. Mainly because it's just easier for me to write out my feelings, especially in difficult and trying times. Wonder why that is... I tend to catalog the good things and positive things in my life through photographs (like the one above... that was just a fun Friday night dinner with Jeff and Kelly), but the negative feelings I turn towards words and writings. Interesting...

Well, not sure anyone is still here reading (hi Mom, I know you're always there, lol). 

Stay tuned

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