lookie what i'm up to

I learn-ed to join photos in photoshop. hehe (that was an hour process).

This morning Sissy made Belgium Waffles for us.

Last night I came home (after my crop) to these beautiful Sunflowers (my favorite) on the nice-clean-kitchen table.

Speaking of last night, and crops and scrapbooking and all that is inspring and creative, I actually got some things done. See...

(okay, so the third layout was actually started in 2005, but I never liked it and was gonna re-do it, but decided, eh, just get 'er done! hehe)
I'm so excited to be rubbin' up on my mojo (gotta wine and dine it first, before I can officially call it *mine again, hehehe). Keep your fingers crossed for more to come. hehe

it really is the best policy...

Honesty, originally uploaded by mayotic.

"Honest hearts produce honest actions" ~Brigham Young

Living in the light and being true to myself and honest with all is the road I have finally chosen.

"J" and Passion

Lookie-lookie what I got done. hehe. another paining, with some embellies. it was fun, definitely something in progress for a while (you know how real-life just gets in the way. hehehe) so any way. here it is, on the 'J' wall already. I actually quite like it.

In others news...

I also got
<--------THIS done.
Something for my Quote Book. Yay for me! hehe
It's been a nice weekend so far.
Cleaning and laundry are taking place, creativity is in the works... my GirlFriend SuzyQ will be here any second (from CA) and we're gonna chill at the pool (it's only like 110 degrees today. hahaha)
Hope your weekend/the 4th was fabulous!

drrrty 30

We had a *blast! Lot of fun, friends, sun, drinks, and gambling. All good times.
Layouts to come! hehehe

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