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I'm sure I'll post more on the subject a little later...
but had to get it out first thing this super morn!

who doesn't love a surprise...

Surprise Giveaway that is!!!

Head over to the suuuuuper cool Carly's Blog!!!

I'm all about it right nows...


- woke up late (at 730am)
- threw on my new-to-me apostle sweats and white chemise
- it was suuuuper cold this morning
- made yummy cinnamon braided bread for hubs and kids breakfast
- made yummy chai latte for me
- took first self-portrait for photo class
- checked in on twitter and blogs
- turned on pandora (tunes)
- blogging (now)
- next: clean loft
- next: clean closet
- next: grocery shopping
- next: wanna make yummy soups and apple pie
- next: drop off and pick up sisters kids from their dads
- next: babysit sisters kids all night
- next: etsy window shopping
- next: crafting
- next: catch up on project runway and greys anatomy
- next: bedtime

This sometimes sweet girl...

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is playing a fun game HERE on her Blog... go play!! :-)

Halloween Party Pics....

Every year our neighbors host an Adults-only Halloween Party. This years theme was Hollywood...
My sister, The Hubs and I
came as polygamists from Big Love
This guy came as Billy May (I thought his costume was dead-on, no pun intended)

Don Draper from Mad Men

In case you felt sick...

I felt so safe with Braveheart there

And this Gladiator

Bill and Sookie from True Blood

Amy Winehouse arrived with her jailbird

Hulk Hogan Fonzie and Laverne

Fat Albert and Betty Boop

Dog the Bounty Hunter showed up

It was a great party full of great costumes (Pretty Woman Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were there, Kat Von D, Shaggy and Scooby Doo, two Dorothys, the Scarecrow and a Flying Monkey) so many I didn't get photos of. A great time... now onto Halloween Day...

i don't like hospitals...

with my bff in the hospital 24/7 for his dad, it got me thinking how much i truly dislike hospitals... the smells, the sickly, the drab colors... they all give me the ick! i started to think about my friend there, and if i were in his shoes i would most certainly puke on them!

i know, terrible thoughts.

'how can i change that', i asked myself. i went in search of some *fun* hospital-ish schtuff...

How cool is this Neuro Ring

Or this Hit Me With Your Best Shot Necklace
Oh Nurse Necklace

Nurse Gold Watch
Should I get bored at the hospital I can always play with These Little Guys!

I can get my very own Custom Hospital Gown (how cool is *that!)

Nurse Greeting Cards

Hand Cut Get Well Soon Card

Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine

70s Vintage Nurse Patterns would make for some adorable outfits.

Who wouldn't want their very own At-Home Doctor...

Or perhaps a Nurse's Kit

Every good doctor needs to know more about the Human Anatomy


In all seriousness, thank you to my friends and family who have been praying along with me, I appreciate it more than you know. This family is very special, and keeping them in prayer is helpful beyond words can say, so thank you.
And to my bff and his family, I will continue to keep you in prayer. Sending you all my love!

For Kelly (and miss*jamie)...

balloons, originally uploaded by emmily shaw.

I must wish my best friend (who is also my husbands aunt and my boss) and very Happy 50th Birthday!!

Also... some balloons for miss*jamie... because she is just that cool!!


art journal complete...

It feels so good to get something done and accomplished! Whew... it only took me 3 months, but my art journal is complete. Yay Me!

I have to say, I have been feeling the 'creative juices' flowing lately, thanks to some Amazing Friends! Inspiration comes from all places... it's exciting to feel something again, it's been a while.

Today I went grocery shopping for a few favorites... tonight for dinner I'm making homemade macaroni and cheese. Tomorrow will be homemade sloppy joes. I've also got a new recipe to try... Shrimp and Scallop Chowder, and I will also be making the most yummiest White Chili (all recipes, except the Mac & Cheese are healthy, if you want the recipes).

We got Mad Men tonight (so stinkin' excited) and my Arizona Cardinals just won, so I'm off to Michaels and the Goodwill, and back to make din-din and settle down with Don Draper. hehe

Enjoy the rest of your SonDay!

...wild things...

I can't hardly *wait to see this movie!
So many blogger friends have some lovely eye candy... like HERE... and HERE... and HERE!
My adorable friend Miss Ashley had a blog party, and I guest-blogged.
It's been a longer-than-usual weekend... one of my very best friend's father is in the hospital (ICU) and I have been diligently praying for him and his family, and will continue to pray.
My sister said I inspired her to start a blog... she's at Cheaper Than Therapy. Stop by and say hello.
Been working on the last two pages of my art journal... will post the rest of that book (fingers crossed) later today.
Drinking some yummy spiced chai latte this morning, checking in on PostSecret and Elsie's Sunday 10 (Pink Edition).
My picks for the neighborhood football pool:
DETROIT over Green Bay
NEW ORLEANS over New York Giants
PITTSBURGH over Cleavland
TAMPA BAY over Carolina
HOUSTON over Cincinatti
KANSAS CITY over Washington
BALTIMORE over Minnesota
(don't know what I was thinkin' with that... I think I went against the spread)
ARIZONA over Seattle
TENNESSEE over New England
NEW YORK JETS over Buffalo
CHICAGO over Atlanta
SAN DIEGO over Denver
(sorry Michelle and Colorado people. I like LaDainian Tomlinson, plus San Diego is closest to home for me. hehe)
Have a super wonderful Sunday! xoxo

speaking of love...

reading through my long list of daily blogs two inspired me and touched me so deeply that i had to share them with you!

The lovely Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest posted THIS incredible post...

And newly added to my list... Onjoli from Pink de Ville posted THIS beautiful post... (congratulations)...

Sending you my Love...

p.s. my blog will be under construction tonight... going for a new look. hehe

i'd really like to....

but i'm already here. it's gonna be a rough day. (it already is).

get ready for it...

disco *
Absolut Disco
disco :o)
Super disco breakin
I'm going to a DISCO this weekend...

i'm blushing....

my totally wicked-rad friend http://www.inspiredmess.blogspot.com/ is having her Blog Par-Tay and cheeze-la-wheeze she featured lil'ol me on her Bloggy Blog...


I wanted to say welcome and bienvendio to everyone who's stopped by!

Please... allow me to share some eye candy....

I came across this amazing photographer David Sykes who is incredibly inspiring, the way he sees things (especially food). I am absolutely in love with his approach. Enjoy!

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