paleo and Nascar. two words unlikely together.

Well, I must say, this week went by pretty seamlessly in my paleo-eating. I struggled, but not nearly like last week's end. Except... for yesterday. Sunday. Nascar Day! Oh... you didn't know I was a mega-dork Nascar Fan? Well, I am. We all gotta little redneck in us, right? Anywho. I had been stressin' the race. Why? Well, typically this is how a race day goes:
8:00am  -  Gates Open
9:00am  -  Arrive to the dirt parking lots (along with 55,000 other people... this is NOT an exaggeration)
9:01am  -  Crack open the first beer
9:31am   - Crack open the second beer (and so on...)
10:30am  - Start the mile+ walk towards the raceway. This is a two-beer walk.
11:00am  -  Reach Merchandise Mile and talk crap about the drivers merch you don't like until you end up standing in front of the Kyle Busch merch trailer and suddenly can justify spending $125 on a #18 M&M Toyota racing jacket. Then you remember you only have $100 and beers inside are runnin' $8 a piece. And you're more thirsty than cold.
12:00pm  -  Enter the gates and fight the tens of thousands of people toward your section, holding onto the friends you're with (cuz you'll totally get lost).
12:05pm  -  Find beer tent and drop an easy $20 on double fisting beers (who wan't to walk back down the grandstand during the race... not me).
12:30pm  -  Chaplain prayer. God Bless America. Fly over. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!! (Best Sound Ever!!!)
1:00pm  -  Race Starts. Four hours of standing up and down, cars racing over 100 miles an hour around the track, wrecks and cautions, pit stops, yelling and screaming at your driver while the person behind you yells at you for being a fan of your driver.
4:30pm  -  Stumble down the grandstand, cow-hearded to the parking lot. Hopefully you know where you parked. Hopefully you have a DD. Must grab another beer (or two) for the walk.
5:00pm  -  Hang out in the dirt lot to let the traffic die down. Keep drinking the beers you brought.
8:30pm  -  Looks like a good time to leave. You're the last car in the parking lot. Thanks DD, for putting up with us.

Do you see the trend?
Can I tell you that beer is NOT Paleo?
Can I tell you that food is secondary on days like these.
Now do you understand why I was sweatin' it?

I was DD. I was totally okay with that. I've done it before. I planned and prepped for the day. I packed my lunch, brought plenty of water. It ended up just being me and friend Ry (we're Nascar pals... never been to a race without each other. Aw, Tear. lol) The day went true to schedule, less the beer on my part. As we got ready to make the mile+ walk to the raceway, Ry decided he was going to eat inside. Okay. I wasn't hungry, and couldn't remember if we were allowed to bring in food (beer I know we couldn't... they make a killing off the alcohol sales... especially with all them rednecks. hehe)
So we got inside and holy mother of all things good in the world... look what this Paleo-Eating Girl found...
Photo: Happy Girl
A Big Huge Texas-Sized Turkey Leg!! Holy Carnivore is right! I mowed down on that thing for over an hour! And ate every last bit of meat off the bone. It was sooooo pleasant. And I was soooo full! Happy Girl!

As the race started I was jonesin' for a beer. It just feels so un-American. But, I stood my ground... repeating my mantra (I Am Winning This Paleo Challenge... I Am Winning This Paleo Challenge) and before I knew it, I had made it through the entire day! Yay Me. Go Team Jen!

The race was pretty stinkin' awesome! Crazy drama, crazy wrecks, and crazy finish for the #18 (he led the entire race, and gave up the last two restarts, leading to a third place finish.) I was home by 6:30pm.

Life is good.


Gina said...

So happy for you & your amazing willpower!

Anonymous said...

Yeap, that's totally Nascar :) Been to lots of races! My favorite was when I was 7 months preggie and a worker there offered to give me a ride on the golf cart all the way to the other side of the track where our seats were so I didn't have to walk! :) Good job on standing your ground with the drinks!

hugs, Liz

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