paleo challenge. the first week.

Hi y'all! Thought I'd check in with the whole Paleo Challenge thing. Because I *know* you care. hehe

This Saturday will mark the half way point. Boy am I excited for that.
Half way there. Half way to go.

What's that? How's the first half gone?
Well, to sum it up in one word, it's gone Goooooood.
I emphasized the word with extra O's (in case you didn't pick up on that, captain obvious) because although it has had its ups and downs (expected) it has been relatively easy. A bit of a cake walk. Or cup cake walk. Or rather Paleo Cup Cake Walk. Yeah, that's what it's been.

Week One:
 Was easy. And I'm talking surprisingly easy. Being that we've been eating Paleo for a few months now, the only real transition was taking out all the Paleo baking, like the Paleo Pancakes, Paleo Donuts, Paleo Cake, etc. and cutting down on the starchy carbs like sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash.

Remember, this all started on Day 1, Saturday, October 20, 2012.
I made a plan, a meal plan, and committed myself to it. Success is in the prep work, this I KNOW. So, I prepped and cooked all day Sunday and was ready for the entire week. Easy peasy when you do it all in advance. My day's are a grab and go. Day by Day I did notice significant changes in my mood, and in my body. By Day 5 I was like a power horse. Come 3pm for my CrossFit class I was pumped. I was full of energy, positive and full of light. I had come to realize that the food I was eating was (drumroll) fuel for my mind and body. In the span of a few short days I totally and completely understood the saying...

Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat. -Socrates
((I couldn't believe this was a Socrates Quote. Holy spaceballs the guy was such a Smarty McSmart!!))

Previous to the challenge I had really been sweatin' the weekends.
There is a reason I tell people that I eat 100% Paleo 80% of the time. The weekends belong to Me!
No, I don't go drinking slurpees and popping donut holes into my mouth (I mean, I totally would if I could gain no weight and it wouldn't destroy my innards) but let's be honest here.
It's Football Season, people!
In my world, that is a Big Huge Deal. Sundays are guiltily not spent in church (although I'm working on that, promisecakes God) but instead on the couch or at my beloved B-Dubs from 10am to 7 or 8pm. Yeah... I told you, it's a Big Deal. Any way I'm all about drinkin' beer and eatin' wings while watching football. I know, I'm a dude that way.
But... the first Sunday, I was totally okay.
I watched football.
I drank my water.
I put my time in the kitchen (prep and cook).
I ate when I was supposed to.
I stayed up on laundry.
I even got the hubs to go out on a walk with me to get a little glisten while burning off all this extra energy.
I swear, I felt like I was on uppers! Oh wait, I was... we call them vegetables. hehe

I had make it through Week One.
I was stoked. I was invincible. I was a overdosing veggie-aholic and proud of it!

Bring on Week Two. be continued...

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