Like the *King Said...


Yup, I'm off to Las Vegas in just a few short minutes (we're driving, ugh). But I can't wait to get there and celebrate my forever BFF Stephanie 's 30th Birthday this weekend!!! It's gonna be a blast! Wish me luck on the tables and slot machines! hehe
Pictures to come!


yum.yum. sissy's bff stayed all weekend with us, while bubba was with his cousin all weekend. the girls made the yummiest vanilla glazed cupcakes filled with a strawberry mascarpone cheese filling. delicio-so! making cupcakes makes me so happy! and it's adorable to watch the girls play bakers.
aside from all the cleaning and laundry... i was so into cooking and prepping too. i made delish bakes potatoes, and prepped dinner (chicken kabobs) for tonight. i got fresh strawberries and cherries washed and cut. all good things. i love summer, i love staying home. makes me happy.
enjoy your weekend.

OLW. 29. Strong.

Oh here I go with the challenges again. First one of 2008. I like it, actually. It's definitely something I resonate with. More to come...

i'm a WILD woman, i tell ya!

What started off as a father's day present (some total random, okay not totally random, will explain later) ended up in pure creative bliss!

I've wanted to start painting, and create mixed media anything for a really-Really long time now. And given the fact that moolah is tighter than Scarlet O'Hara's corset, I decided (in my own mind, now to share with the wind) that my all-time very first (quote unquote)"painting" will be for my Daddy for Father's Day. I started it tonight but was blocked by the 24hours curing process. I was all excited about it that I started another canvas for the "J" wall (pictures to come in the near future). Yet again, blocked by the 24hour curing crapola. Curse! hahahaha. So I decide I'm gonna have more fun with paint (yipee) and work on my new header for my blog (y'all remember, I was gonna *create a new title page for every month). So I did that. And then the mojo was a'flowin and I totally had that Lupe Fiasco song (SuperStar) in my head. I look to my right, find a totally fitting photo-op, took it, and came up with this:

I swear, the whole flippin' idear was in my head (the stars and everything, and sidenote... those that know me know that I totally *hoard my scrapbooking goodies, but I was so free and so inspired and the mojo was taking over that I didn't even blink at what I was 'using up'... it was amazing!)
I can't even tell you how freeing I feel right now! 131am and I am a Creating Goddess!! Wow!
Perhaps my inspiration will inspire other. Spead the love people!!

A Standing O...

{clapping, cheering, someone fainting in the crowd}
"You Love Me, You Really Love Me"

hehe. yes it's me. the one, the only, JenCoen.
i'm back. Officially.

the short story long... wait.

strike that. reverse-it.

ahhh. where to begin without giving it all away. i had to take a break. probably needed a break. was in a really dark place at the end of my 'previous' blogging (which we will no longer discuss other than the fact that i am still totally pissed with myself that i deleted all the posts before i thought to save the 'good' stuff, like things i want to do, desires, dreams, aspirations, family stories, blah blah blah).

that is the past. today is the present. our dreams are the future. (ooh, i totally just came up with that, and I *like it! hehe)

okay. so i am back. i am better, for the most part. okay lets go with different. older. wiser. thicker (oh cheese and rice don't get me started on the weight issue. haha) oh, and by the way, when i input hehe or haha, you should be laughing. duh, i'm a total comedian... thought you knew! hehehe

allright. down to brass tax (i say that, and i truly don't even know what in means, isn't that silly).

i'm in a place right now that personally can be kinda confusing. and all that personal stuff belongs to me. i will do my damnedest to keep it with me. but at the same time, i need an outlet. badly. i like to create. i like to share. i like to bring love and light to those who associate with me. and i just miss feeling connected. inspired. by those who i have found online.
yes there's a part of me that thinks computers are going to ruin this world, (haha people) but at the same time, i have found so much joy, and inspiration, and love-love here. on that note, i need to say this. (listen up now y'all)
Liz! You and I are total BFFs. it's amazing what our friendship has become. you are my girl... my MD girl! i don't even have the words to say what you mean to me. i will (let me play repeater) I WILL see you soon! happy belated 30 birthday my sweets!! muah! xoxo
Gigi! Where you at girl! i have this really parallel connection with you. i miss the DT and the SSS days. but the one thing that i have taken away from that time in my life was my admiration for you. thank you SOOOO Much for just always being there. being your kind soul. you are amazing.

so. before i end this first post (i swear, i want to go on forever and ever just writing to the wind) i will say this. it is my goal, my desire, my necessity, to make this blog about speading joy. and love. and goodness. and light. so my darkness, should i be visited by it or not, will no longer touch this blog (i know, y'all see the black background, but that's just because i really Really wanted to use that pic for my header. hehe). i hope to share things that bring happiness to my life. inspiration. smiles. all that is good and pure and worth spreading. i do plan to share about the family. so stay tuned (never a dull moment, look to next post, wont include the *latest here yet).

and with that said... seacrest, out! haha
okay... jencoen, out! :)
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