no comment

Hi Y'all.

In case you haven't noticed... I've been absent. Blog absent.


It's not you... it's me.

No, really. It is me.

I don't have love for blogging. Not right now.
The things I have to write about are for me, and they belong in my personal journal. At home.

So, while I have decided to keep this blog up (more for personal reference than anything else) I have done away with the comment section.
(You would not believe the amount of spam comments I just had to delete. Like, legit a thousand!)

If you wanna keep dibs on me then stalk me on Facebook like a normal friend. lol. You can peep me on Twitter (which I hardly use) or Instagram (which I use more frequently than Twitter but not as frequently as Facebook).

Maybe I'll come back to blogging.


It will probably be all #crossfit #paleo #projectlife

Consider the hashtags your fair warning.

I still love you, my party people.

Don't cry.

"I know that goodbye means nothing at all." -M5
© something Big is coming...
Maira Gall