paleo challenge. week two.


Week Two.
That would be this past week. Also known as the week that includes Candy Holiday Number One aka Halloween.

Monday I came out the gates strong. Food was prepped, my days are grab and go. No big problems there. I was a teensy bit on the tired side because I didn't get to bed at my regular hour (between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, no joke. I'm an old lady.)

Tuesday was much of the same. We were lifting heavy (1 Rep Max) for three days straight so we were told to up our calorie intake by 20%. I should have listened. And I should have made those extra calories come from delicious sweet potatoes (because I only roasted 10 pounds of them on Sunday. lol) After doing work at Urban Warfit I could tell in my body that I needed to up the intake. Note to self.

Soooo... Tuesday night we went over to my Mom's to carve pumpkins. Not a big deal. I had my food with me, plenty of water.
But here's the thing.
I noticed myself eyeballing the cooking jar. From the cookie jar, my eyes would flit over to the candy dish on the counter (where it is almost always filled with M&Ms). Back and forth, back and forth. I starting actually sweatin' this. I mean, for the very first time I was being truly and legitimately challenged! I knew that it meant more to me to have a perfect Paleo Day, but out of pure habit I was raiding my Mom's pantry and fridge (isn't that what every kid does when they come home, go straight to the food, the good stuff). I couldn't get out of there fast enough. (No offense, Mom).

I knew I was in deep trouble for Wednesday night.
We gathered at Mom's and there were loads and load of candy. Everywhere! It was like Alfred Hitchcocks the Birds attacking me, except they were mini candy bars. Yes, exactly like that. Well, maybe not exactly. They weren't flying at me. They were in a bowl. By the front door. I was in the family room. Out of sight out of mind, right?
Anyway, I made it through. I volunteered to walk with the kids around the two blocks. Their little legs and frequent stops were harboring my need to 'walk it out'. But I made adjustments, and all was fine and well. I did not break. I did not put a single candy in my mouth. I did not even touch a single Almond Joy. Ahhhh, Almond Joy. When my niece and nephew tried being nice by sharing a candy with me I ran away from them like they had the H1N1 virus. I stayed strong, and got the hell outta there as fast as I could. (Plus it was past my early bedtime. lol)

Thursday was the same. Grab and Go. I could totally tell the difference in my energy level from heavy lifting for three days and not upping my calories, and by 4pm I was toast. I wanted a nap (technically it was rest day). Instead I forged ahead getting my Costco run done and prep and cooking that night. You can bet your bootie I was in bed closer to the 8:30pm time than the 9:30pm time.

I woke up this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I got up, got showered and before I knew it I was out the door to drop off high school students and enjoy the 40 minute drive into work, where I now sit, writing to all you good people. Today's eating schedule will be a wee bit off kilter, and I am just a teensy bit worried about that. I should be eating right now, but we have a company BBQ to attend (I haven't missed one in, like 5 years) and that's between 11-1. I need to make sure I keep my carbs upped before my 3pm workout from Hades (wanna see... look right HERE)

And Then....
Tomorrow will officially be the Half Way Point of this Challenge!!!

More to come people...

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