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Got this from Ashley, and thought that it looked fun... so, here goes...

Outside My Window...

I can see the backyard, and the top of my fast-growing palo verde tree. It was a hot day, and the sky looks like a rainbow from the blue to the purple into pink and orange and red. Arizona sunsets remind me how amazing heaven will be.

I Am Thinking...

About the day, the many different feelings I have had today... being the day of my sister's divorce trial.

I Am Thankful...

For God's grace and mercy, for the amazing people who share my every days, and for freedom.

From The Kitchen...

I can smell pizza for the kids... I haven't been able to muster up an appetite yet.

I Am Wearing...

Skinny jeans (which are now unbuttoned, lol) and a black tank that I wore earlier under a black waist-cinched button up top... kicked off my sexy black satin slingbacks right when I walked in the door. hehe

I Am Creating...

So many things in my head that I wish I could hurry and get down on paper at the very least.

I Am Going...

Downstairs to sit on the couch, maybe snuggle up to a movie, and sip on a cocktail.

Around The House...

Is so messy. Laundry and Vacuuming and Sweeping need to be done... there's always tomorrow. hehe. Oh! And my loft, my crafty area is SOOO messy that I most certainly need to get that taken care of asap...at least before Friday Night. hehe

One of My Favorite Things...

Is listening to my Bubba (my 8yr old son) singing in the shower... it is the most sweetest thing I've ever heard. Melts Mama's heart... shhh.... he's doing it right now... Goodness I love that little boy SO Much!!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...

Hoping to get to downtown Glendale tomorrow after work for a little boutique shopping, Friday night I hope to do something crafty, Saturday we have little mister Braden's (our neighbor) First Birthday, then Saturday night maybe go over to my sister's house and have a 'good luck' drink with her, Sunday morning church and then Bubba's friend Seth's birthday. Whew... I'm already tired! :-)


I totally am the *winner*winner*chicken*dinner of a super-cool AMOEBA BROACH over at miss Ashley's blog. Her vlog announcing the winners is too stinkin' adorable!! :-)
Yay, I am so excited!! Thank Yous Ashley!!! :-)


had to post real quick from work... this rattlesnake was just on our front porch!! eek! fire dept came and got him and will take him into the desert. yay.

happy father's day... to my daddy

Daddy, you mean the world to me. You are my sunshine. Happy Father's Day Daddy. I love you! :-)

happy father's day... to my husband

You have been an amazing father to our two children. But this year, I want to tell you how happy it makes me that you have been a father role to my sister's three children, especially when they need it most. Thank you for being there. Happy Father's Day. :-)


that's one of the coolest words... amoeba. hehe
do you likey?
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Inspiration: Lego Love

hi. today is wednesday, and i needed a little extra sumthin' so i started looking for inspiration... thinkin' about my kids, and just trying to remember being a kid, ya know, before 10 hour work days. lol so, lemme share...

1. legos, 2. Legos, 3. Legos 1-18-2009 1-37-32 PM, 4. Legos, 5. You're" never too old for Legos., 6. on the March, 7. Dinos Legos, 8. in legos, 9. Disney Legos, 10. Legos, 11. again, 12. @ SXSW

Polka Dot Robot had this on her blog... i melted it was so purrfect. my son's love of legos combined with my daughter's love for the movie Grease... yuppers.

Baby Sage

This touched me, so deep. Please,
Go Here For Baby Sage
and read what I'm talking about.

so, this should have been me...

mum and friend, originally uploaded by bohobo.

but our 'fathers day' one night camp trip was cancelled by the 'father'.
details are really unimportant.
as much as i was semi-relieved (I've never really been camping in a tent, I'm more of a camper girl. hehe) I was really broken-hearted to have missed the experience, and even more-so, to have my babes miss out. we're booked up the next month and a half of weekends so who knows if we'll ever get a chance to go.
i guess there's always next year...

this one goes out to Mario...

Ugh... I've been meaning to blog... really I have. Every day. It seems it's easier to read everyone else's blog than actually write on my own.

And even though I'm pressed for time, I'm gonna go through with the 411 here at the 2241. hehe

  • Mario, our son's 6 month old Sulcata Tortoise (that Santa brought him this past Christmas) passed away on Sunday, May 30th. It was devastating. For him, and for us, his parents to watch him go through the pain and mourning of losing someone in your life. Sure, I loved on him, consoled him, gave him his needed space, explained death, and life in heaven. Still, it was difficult, to say the least. I don't know what we are going to do now. Do we get a replacement? How soon? Ugh... so, the tank stays dark in our son's room. We shall see.

  • Daddy got his test results back. How I understand it is this. He has the type of cancer people live 20 years with. While he took an 'aggressive approach' and went through months of chemo, he's beaten it. He has to go back every 6 months for another dose of chemo, but no cancer has progressed... so, with this he will 'manage'. Honestly, I don't really understand it all. Sometimes I wish I can be there at the dr appts. More good news, his heart has improved from 30% (back in September 1998 when he had his heart attack) to 45%. And his kidney function is up, as well as his potassium level. The only thing we are working on now is getting control of the Anemia. But Praise God, my Daddy is alive and well and still here with us today!!
  • Summer is here, as are the new hours. 10+ hours a day working like crazy people, but this is our livelihood and ya gotta work while it's there. The kids are enjoying their summer camp (although I've had my fair share of problems... oh problems!! with the administration... ugh). Summers always add their own bit of extra stress to the mix. While I remember my summers being careless and fun and free, this is the time that Paul and I become (as he likes to say) 'Houdini' til October. Thank God for Paul's wonderful parents, who take the kids for two weeks in the summer, and they do the most amazing things (ex. Horseback Riding, Legoland, the beach. Movies in the Park, etc.). Thankfully this year they are also taking my nephew (who is 8). Which leads me into my next semi-topic...
  • My sister's divorce is almost (cross your fingers) final. June 24 they go before a judge and hopefully all is settled. Child Custody and Child Support are numero uno on the list (did I mention that my soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law has given exactly $150 since January to my sister and their 3 kids leaving Paul and I and my parents financially strapped beyond belief)... (oops, sorry, I really couldn't help it)... ANYWAY... along with that, I just hope we can move on with our lives after that date. I think this has been the biggest weight I have ever had to carry. I love my sister, and I will always be there for her... but this divorce has strained me so much, I can't really even begin to explain. I don't want to explain. I just pray that after all is said and done, life can somehow resemble what it once was for me.

Okay, on that super note... hehe. No, I really do apologize for not keeping up on this blog. I have every good intention, just life... I don't know where it's been going lately. I promise to do my best and keep in touch.

Until we meet again...

MUAH! xoxo

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