:sharing is caring:

If you know me, and know me well... I'm forever saying 'sharing is caring'. It's just another Jen-ism.
So, I thought since I'm all about it irl (in real life) I decided to share because I care about you in blogland.
Here goes. Sharing is Caring. Numero Uno.

Lacy shared this on her blog, and it pretty much makes a world of sense to me!

Vivs had adorable style, and pretty much is one of my crafty superheros.

If you already don't know about it... Shutterbean is just about my favorite new foodie blog. Pretty stinkin' amazing what she comes up with. Go There Now!!

!!Obsessed!! with this homemade letter writing kit that Danielle Thompson made for her little boy!

Elsie has made me swoon over all footwear shiny and sparkly! Seriously... I want to go and buy a bunch of shoes and spray them gold!! lol

BIG Congratulations for my long time friend (friends since, like, 7th grade) Bridget who is pregnant with baby number six!! Some people knock it, I think it's a blessing!!

Looking forward to Tips and Tricks from Marilyn Monroe via Vivs.

LacyLike opened her new store of yummy natural body love!

Shimelle makes me want to scrapbook... really bad.
Lehua makes me want to scrapbook... really really bad!

The Drifter and The Gypsy made me curious about THIS BOOK...

My good friend Jamie is participating in Joygiving and I think I might want to do something with it. We'll see. My intentions are good.

Wow!! Quite the share for numero uno. I promise it won't always be this long. 
Have A Lovely and Productive Day!!


Anonymous said...

I love that first quote. So true and inspiring. And that craft kit is too cute. Hope you're doing well!

lacy said...

Thanks for the love Jen, you are the best.

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