what 2010 will mean to me...

So, everyone is making their lists for the new year.
And I am blending right in with my own list (of sorts).
Now, pay attention... there might me a quiz later...

* I think the obvious for just about most of America is to lose weight (what, isn't it like 70% or something crazy like that). So, yet again I'll jump on that wagon. But I think more importantly for ME... I just wanna feel comfortable in my own skin.  This post by this cutie girl helped me come to that conclusion whole-heartedly. For the past few months I've been running around saying 'oh I wanna be skinny for my 30th birthday' (and by skinny I mean just fit into a real vintage 50s dress). But in all honesty, I think I'd rather just be comfortable, and content with my figure. I don't think its a secret... the 'Girls' are rather big. (Funny, when you got big ones, you want smaller ones, and vice versa) Anywhoooo.... I'm rambling. Oh! Figure... yeah, so I just want to be able to walk around nakie and not shatter the full-length mirror in my bathroom. I don't think I'm asking for much here people! lol.
Moooooving On....

*Speaking of birthdays... Yes, the big 3-0 is in my near-ish future (August). I will admit that I am just a tiny bit spooked about it (no more blaming dumb decision on lack-of-experience 20s) but actually, I have always looked forward to 30. It's like I'm a 'Real Grown-Up' now. Lets be honest, I had to grow up suuuper fast compared to most girls my age. I feel like I've been a granny for a while now, but I do like to play and have fun and I don't think that will ever change. It is apart of who I am. The all-time goofball.
I don't know how I want to celebrate exactly. A big party, a shopping spree, something big and new. No idea. I just know that it's coming and when it does... I wanna be ready!

*I suppose this goes along with the losing weight thing, but I really would like this coming year to focus on cooking at home. Cooking with fruits and vegetables. Cooking with the family. My daughter wants to be a chef, and I think getting her and my son more involved in cooking and prep work will teach them both better eating habits and appreciation for 'grown foods' opposed to store-bought or fast-food. Ya dig?

*I would like to continue to learn and grow in photography. Will Vastine's blog along with his A-Stinkin'-Dorable girl Erin Sunday are incredibly inspirational to me. And beginner to suuuper-advanced, they really just inspire with their honesty and love for photography.

*Another goal for me (probably inspired by my new 'decade' of life) is to update my closet. My look. My rags. This Girl's Wardrobe Wednesdays totally inspire me! And of course, a girl can never have enough shoes. No?

*To wrap things up here... ultimately I would like to focus on Me. My beliefs, my morals, my strengths (and weaknesses). I want to be a better person. A person full of love and light ready to give openly to all who will have me. And of course... to always have fun!

Christmas Time

I Love Christmas!
It is my favorite time of the year... no joke.
Every year (as long as I've lived) my parents host a beautiful Christmas Eve party where friends and family gather and enjoy visiting...

(My two babes Bubba and Sissy in front of my parent's entrance tree)
(Aunt Kelly & I... she's not only my aunt, but my boss, and my best friend)
(Aunt Kelly & of course me being goofy... its what I do, lol)
(The hubs visiting with Uncle Jeff and Lyle and Karyl)
(This was a first... The Grinch came! I mean, Santa comes every year, but the Grinch! We didn't know what to do!! He told us Santa didn't need to come because he was taking care of it all... hmmmm...)
(Yaaaaay! Santa!!!) (That pretty lady is my Mama... aka, Santa's little helper. teehee)
(Christmas Morning... these kids were up at 4 AM!!!)(I made them rest on the couch until 630AM!)
(Santa brought them a trampoline... Mom and Dad bought them new bikes!)
(I think Bubba's a little excited about his iPod)
(And 'da Gunners!! He loooooooved his new ball! Wouldn't take his eyes off it!!)
(Santa brought Sissy cutie glasses just like Elsie's... hmmm, how did he know... hehe)
(First things first, gotta put up the trampoline!)
Later Christmas Day we went back over to my parent's house to open up gifts with the family. This year was a little difficult since this was the first Christmas of my sisters divorce, and my two nephews and niece were with their father Christmas Eve into Christmas Morning. But once we all got together it was back to the flow as usual. Next year will be wonderful! I can't wait. I sometimes wish it were Christmas all year long!!

i must have been a really good girl this year...

not to mention Seasons 1 & 2 of Mad Men
and the Wii Fit Plus

Yeah.. I got a little bit spoiled.. hehehe
I'll be back later tonight to share some of the festivities with family!!

i know....

with all the Christmas hulla-ba-loo...
but I'll get to real blogging later today when I get home from work (I have a ton of work to catch up on).
TTYL. Promisecakes!

merry christmas...

Before the evening begins, I thought I'd send out a little Christmas love to each and every one of you. Thank you for your friendship, and you love. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Jen (and Courtney my daughter who is begging me to put her name up here) and from the hubs and the bubs (my son)!
more xoxoxoxo

my soul has blossomed...


Yesterday was a dark and gloomy day outside, and I think that inside (me) I can become sensitive to the weather. The holiday cheer became holiday stress, and that is so unlike me.
Those that know me... know that I am almost always a happy and cheerful person. I like to smile (smiling's my favorite) and I'm a goofball pretty much all of the time.
When I am feeling down, very rarely do I share it with anyone... I hide as if I'm ashamed of it, or embarrassed by it. It was a big thing for me to share it yesterday.
Blogging is selective, and I like that. I like having the control to share what I want out loud. But what I have recently found is that blogging has brought into my life some really amazing people. And I would never want to appear as 'not me' just to impress or keep a certain perception of me. (Does this make sense... I'm kinda rambling here).

In any case. I have down days. I know that everyone does, but I always try to 'stiffen-up-that-lower-lip'. I always say 'Sharing is Caring', and I am truly grateful for all that commented yesterday. Both here and in email and text and in person (and of their blogs)... it is because of all of you that my soul has blossomed!

this is me, opening up to you... a little...

I am so bummed, with Christmas literally right around the corner I have been in this gloom (and I have totally been trying to blame it on the weather). lol.

I read this (above) found on weheartit.com and quickly realized that so much of me wants to live this way instead of actually living this way. And I wish it was as easy as Nike says 'Just Do It' but for me, it just isn't that simple.

For me, life is organized and comfortable and predictable.
While I can see the magic in every day, I feel as though for me it is untouchable.
I don't trust intuition. I second guess myself and can't make life changing decision because of uncertainty.
I am not sure I can ever know myself fully.
I am scared, terrified actually to make a mistake.
Holding on and letting go. When?
I do love hard. And often. But not always openly.
Admitting that I am wrong is one of the most difficult things in the entire world for me to do.
Truth can be costly.
My own reality isn't as interesting as reality portrayed.
I see more sadness in the world than I care to.
Being wild and free is intoxicating and I long for it.
Being me.... I think that is what I am trying to accomplish.

Please don't misunderstand. This isn't meant to be a 'downer' post. Read it more as an self-reality-check. I know the sun will shine in my heart soon enough (I actually feel much better just posting this). Perhaps it has something to do with a new year fast approaching, and in that year my 30th birthday... hmmmm....

I wish all of you a lovely winter day!! :-)


my suuuuper sweet friend Jamie over at Inspired Mess gave me An Award and I am most grateful and most thankful!!

I'll be passing along the award to five fabulous blogs that you *must check out!

1. Kristin from Hello Sweet World ... her photography is inspiring, and she is the sweetest person (who would actually go out of her way for a gal across country)... loves her!

2. Onjoli from Pink de Ville ... she a cutie local (AZ) girl who has the most adorable stuff in her shop (and to think, I was buying her goods long before I even met her online)... super cool!

3. Danielle from Sometimes Sweet ... has become one of my fav daily reads. She's a local (AZ) girl too, except she lives in the the town I am destined to live in. And she's a teacher (what I wanted to be long ago)... and she has incredibly cute style!

4. Lehua from Heart On My Sleeve ... shares her love for life and her journey in wedding planning (which I absolutely love)... she's too cute!

5. Lindsay from Her Sunday Dress ... is another new blog find as well as a local (AZ) girl who I enjoy her cutie quirky-ness and her ultimate love for all things 50s (most specifically cars and pin-ups)... I swerr she could be a soul sista! :-)

I really am so appreciative to all my lovely blog friends. I want to give you All Awards!! :-) muah!

i love giveaways...

You should totally head over and check out both of them!!

the Nutcracker....

it's not really a secret...
I have always wanted to see the Nutcracker ballet in real life, and of course it is here in town this holiday season. After begging to go, I've been put off another year. But thats okay... good things come to those who wait, right?
So, to help hold me over, here is some Nutcracker love for ya...
with 9 days til the 'Big Day'!!
(above images found on google images)

(above images from We Heart It)

Neon Nutcracker
Picture Advent Day 5 - December 5th - Nutcracker Jester, An Early Christmas Gift For Katie :)
Invasion of the nutcrackers
nutcracker cavalier
Nutcracker 6/365
(above images from flickr, click image to link)

Vintage Santa Nutcracker with CRAZY SCARY TEETH

Vintage Ulbricht Muskateer Nutcracker German GDR 13in.

Vintage Christmas ornaments in their original box - drummer boy nutcracker

Vintage ornament - Wood Nutcracker Soldier - Christmas

Clara - Original Canvas Painting

Traditions - Giclee of Original Oil Painting on 8x10 Museum Wrapped Canvas

ACEO Print Set - The Nutcracker - (4 ACEOs)  by Artist TommyD

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