my heart is sad. and i'm feeling stressed. a lethal combination.

i need quiet time today.

Books For Keeps


As a Girl Scout project, my beautiful daughter is collecting gently used or new books that are age appropriate for grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade for the Treasures 4 Teachers organization.

If you would like to help her reach her goal of 50 books, please email me at...   ...for our address. We will be delivering the books at the end of April.

Thank You so much for your kindness, and your support.

Spring Break 2010 : Camping

Here it is! Home Sweet Home during the week of Spring Break...

When I was a little girl, camping (in an RV) with my family, Jiffy Pop was a must! JIFFY POP! JIFFY POP! JIFFY POP! (Ya gotta say it, or else it wont puff up!)

My cutie kids!

The kids playing 'Hang Your Balls' (I think the real name is ladder 'something')

The Hubs practicing with his Bow.

I got to do a little Rhino driving myself...

So pretty (view from the control road)...

Gun safety... learning about ammunition...

The Hubs watching the kids go check their targets...

I'm up next...

Shooting my dad's police issued 357 (my favorite gun to shoot)

Big Daddy with the Mac Daddy! lol... The Hubs with his 44 Magnum (Dirt Harry Gun) with a scope...

We were camped down by a creek...

Loaded up... ready to go home...

up to date

i haven't forgotten you, my beautiful blog friends.
i have had alot going on. allow me update you quickly... desk is still topped with stacks like this... trying to catch up from being on vacation with the kids...

...i've been quite dedicated to working out every day, whether it be taking a class or personal training or just getting on my elliptical at home...

...i have a 50th birthday / backyard celebration party to plan... it's happening on april 17th and i still don't even have invitations out...

...i am not prepared for Easter or celebrating the resurrection because i feel so behind on everything and a part of me feels unworthy of the relationship i hold with God... do you ever get that way?...
Tumblr_kyltb4kqgu1qzeu5io1_400_large dad is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove his appendix... sounds simple enough, except with the high blood pressure, the congestive heart failure, the chronic kidney disease, the diabetes and anemia, oh and cancer... not so simple...
Beige no Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

...i 'll get out a post of our vaca next... just didn't want you to think i was a loser-blogger and forgot you. that could never happen, just so you know...

the best surprise visit on my anniversary ever!

MeeThe Ryan Family!

Bridget Ryan and I have been friends since (hold your breath Bridget)...1992. 
That's 18 years!!
We both tried out for Flag Team our 7th grade year (and made it) and went on to make the Cheerleading Squad our 9th grade year. Aside from always being teammates and friends, we had another thing in common. We both dated boys (who were also good friends) in the same (older) grade. And even bigger than that, we both ended up having children and marrying those boys... our high school sweethearts.
As most friends, and people do, we moved on... got started with our lives. We were no different, but we did mange to always stay in touch (thank goodness for the internet. lol)
Although we started off in pretty much the same place, we are now in much different places... but nonetheless all good, very good places.
Bridget and her family have very recently been 'Homeschooling On The Road'. She has 5 beautiful and adorable children. They have covered most of the western / southern / eastern US. Her blog is an incredible journey through motherhood, and through her amazing life living in Christ. She is by far one of the most inspiring people I know. I couldn't say enough nice things about her. I just absolutely adore her.

Well... it just so happens that she contacted me to see if we were close to where they currently were, and if they could drop by for a visit. (Honestly, they could have been 3 hours away and I'd beg them to come visit. lol) Come to find out they were less than 30 minutes from our house!

They pulled up in the RV and we got to visit for the rest of the day and night.

Did I mention it was our 11th wedding anniversary? What a wonderful gift... thank you Ryan family. For brightening our day, and of course, our lives. We love you!!! xoxoxo

Was I...

A. Suddenly kidnapped off the street, blind-folded, thrown into a van and taken to an undisclosed area to be severely beaten by the mafia only to miraculously escape within inches of my life.

B. Abducted by aliens, taken to their planet (where they wear pants with three legs) forced into their laboratory to be poked and prodded with needle-like objects and laser beams then given forgetful-gas and dropped off barely clothed in the Walmart parking lot five miles from my house forcing me to walk home.

C. Camping with the hubs and kids for spring break in northeastern Arizona where snow was still on the ground and was forced to take rides in our rhino and prepare meals outside although we slept in the toy hauler (with the heat on).'s a HINT...
I'll be back later with some normal posting. So much to catch up on. Like...
  • How GREAT Date Night  was
  • Exciting Surprise Visitors on my 11th Anniversary
  • Happy Mail. Yay!
  • Camping Trip
  • A Giveaway!!

Friday Night : Date Night


We went and saw Remember Me last night. It was good, really good. Delicious eye candy, I might add. But the ending just effing sucked. I mean, it was good (then whole audience gasped in unison) but it just wasn't right... messed up, man. I don't wanna give away, but tears... big 'ol tears streamed down my face as my nails were digging into the hubs hand and my best girl Jessica's hand. It was a chick flick to say the least, but the boys enjoyed a few moments of 'boy humor'. lol.

Almost as important, we got to see the Eclipse Trailer on the BIG screen... sigh. It was amazing!! More amazing that the 50 times I've watched the dang thing on my computer. lol. Yeah... you can say it. I'm a dork.

Afterwards we headed on over to the Mellow Mushroom where I proceed to have my first (and only) alcoholic beverage. It's been 2 months since I've had a 'drink' and as the hubs pointed out last night, that is the longest I've gone (aside from pregnancy) since I was 14. Wow. Anyway (lets now dwell on that) I enjoyed a delicious Dirrrrty Martini (thank you Jessica for introducing us) and it was simply delicious. Never had one before, but I can honestly say I am a fan. :) I also ordered the Philosophers Pie, and was only able to eat 1 slice (I got 3 more waiting in the fridge for me). Yum yum.

Date night was fun. We don't get out much (especially without children) and its usually for some sort of 'reason' (like celebrating our anniversary, ahem. 11 years today people). We all vowed to do it more often. I hope so. I really enjoyed going out. It felt good to be among people. lol

just wondering...

How Do You Deal With Frustration???

(image from

i got up early for this...

I got me some Happy Mail Love!!

How excited was I that my suuuuper-sweet Happy Mail partner Tiffany sent me this....
Little-Known Facts About Well-Known Places : Ireland by David Hoffman
I was so excited to get this! She is soooo adorably sweet!! Thank you Miss Tiffany!!

Also... after a crazay-hectic morning jumping from chiro appt to dr appt to hauling butt to work this am... I was able to 'pop' into good 'ol Marshalls (I love this store) and *finally got myself a cutie Kenneth Cole Wallet (I haven't owned a wallet in for-ev-er... I just throw stuff in my bag kinda).

< P.S. Don't mind the ick faces today... I'm playin' it suuuper-low-key today. lol >

Some other coolness I simply *must share with you on this beautiful Wednesday...

---> I feel super amazing and energized today

---> I also feel super sore. Had another training session (numero dos) and although it wasn't as painful as the first, it still whooped my butt (literally... my bootie muscles huuuurt)

---> I was so stinkin' excited to see THIS today...

...but I'm even MORE EXCITED that tomorrow (3/11) at 6am PST / 9am EST the full *official trailer will be released... (yeah, I have my alarm set for it... so what! hehe)

Okay... I'll save some cool stuff for tomorrow.
Loves To You All!!
OH! Which totally reminds me... I've seen that I have a few New Followers...
I have every intention on luring you out of blog-stalking by having a fun 'lil give-away here soon...
Keep your eyeballs wide open!! 

a *Must Share* moment from The Office....

I've never laughed so hard from this show.... 
HAD to share... 

did you know that it is MS Week...

I wouldn't have known if it weren't for Miss Jamie at Inspired Mess!
She is a beautiful and bold woman.
She has the biggest heart, and the warmest hug (even from across states).
She is brave and strong and inspirational.
She is living with MS.
She is campaigning and making the world aware of MS, and what we can do to help.

PLEASE... go and read This Post on her Blog! It is important.

Of course, in true Jamie style, she is always thinking of others, of the greater good. And she will be hosting giveaways in light of MS Week.
Here are some goodies up for grabs. Go over and enter.
But above anything else, go over and read her message. Read the information she has provided. This is something that she believes in. And because I believe in her, I support (and will continue to support) her efforts in MS Awareness.
Pledge to Donate for MS Awareness & Research!
Shrinking For A Cure is just another way you can help contribute and support Jamie and MS Awareness.
Do what you can! Every little bit helps!

i'm a sore winner....

oh my goodness...
the sweet and newly-30 year old Jamie (go here to see her in*action on her Vlog)
for this
I can't even explain to you my reaction! Seriously... I eeked (very loud) out loud in my office. All by myself. I did  a happy dance and everything! I absolutely can NOT believe this!! I've been on the lookout for an Enid Collins original for a while now. This is simply magic.
Please go over and wish miss Jamie a lovely start to the next decade of her life (which I am certain will be amazing)!
Friday. I went and saw 
Alice In Wonderland
and it was magical. I didn't want it to end. I'd go see it again.

Later Friday I had my first personal training session at the gym.
Lets just say... it is now Monday (afternoon) and I am Still SORE!!! It literally took every ounce of energy to get me up the stairs Friday night. Once I was there, I did NOT go back down. lol.
What's frustrating is that I used to be quite athletic. As a cheerleader in high school, I was always working out in the gym, keeping up on cardio and whatnot. Even after having kids, I got back into shape, running (which I fell in love with) until I was told to stop (once I was diagnosed with scoliosis). Now, here I am (almost 30) and I suckin' wind on the treadmill after 2 miles, and I hurt.... I mean hurt after one training session. What the hell happened to me. (Don't answer that). I am looking forward to getting back into shape... a shape, any shape really (aside from beach ball. lol). Training session day 2 is tomorrow (Zumba tonight. so excited... i will not be missing Zumba just because I'm sore) so I'll give you an update manana (that's tomorrow for the non-espanol-speaking-population).
This Post from Mandi really, really inspired me this morning. Please go check it out!
War women6
Tiffany (my cutie Happy Mail partner) is having a super-awesome GIVEAWAY for a handmade scarf (of your color choice)...
plus other goodies. You absolutely MUST go over To Her Blog and enter this lovely giveaway... or at the very least, stop by and say hi! She is absolutely adorable! 
Also, she is featured HERE (over at my girl Janel's blog)!!! Read all about her! Stinkin' precious, I tell ya!
Sidenote: I kinda like separating my [longer] posts with these asterik lines. lol.
The ever-inspiring Jamie from Inspired Mess is featured on the Craft for Health website!
She was diagnosed with MS over a year ago, and since I have met her (both online and irl) she has become a huge inspiration in my life. I absolutely adore her, and am so proud to be able to call her my friend.
Listen up nail girl (Becca. my love) I am super excited about the new China Girl Spring 2010 line...
Yummy!! My fav is Heli-Yum and Flyin' High (I think those are the colors I want my birthday party. yeah?)
Do you ever have Chocolate Cake for breakfast?
I am firm believer that you don't always need a reason to eat cake. I love to make a cake (chocolate usually, so decadent and gooey) and surprise my kids with it for breakfast. Yes. I give my kids chocolate cake for breakfast. Sometimes. 
I encourage you to do the same!! 
When I was little waking up to cake for breakfast was like waking up on Christmas morning. Magical and special for no other reason than making today a good day!
Oscars! Did you watch? I only watched a tiny bit, but my favorite dressed were:
Okay. Off to get some work done. 
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