as of right... NOW

Time: 12:11pm

Location: My desk at Work

Watching: Project Runway

Eating: Half of a Buffalo Chicken Mini Meatloaf and green beans

Drinking: Cold Coffee and Smart Water

Feeling:   Nervous-ish (blog post to follow)

Reading: The Christian Grey series (for the second time) and am 53% into Book Two

Thinking: About my workout today, and the blog posts I have been hiding from you all

Wanting: To get started on my Christmas shopping (ideas are flowing)

Needing: Absolutely nothing. 

Making: Strong Efforts and Intentions to myself and to those I love

Loving: Life. Being alive, and being allowed to breathe in the land of the free!

Borrowed from Allison Waken's blog

new favorite song

motivation speech

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Maira Gall