Dear Courtney

Dear Courtney,

This Halloween is a big one for you. You want to trick or treat with your high school friends instead of with your cousins. I get it. I understand. It was a hard decision to make (more difficult for me that your father), but we are allowing you to walk around, hand in hand with your boyfriend, surrounded by your very best friends, and solicit candy in an unfamiliar area without your mother and father looking over your shoulder.

Sigh, it is so hard to let go.

I know you are smart enough to follow the rules. I know you are smart enough to Not test your father's and my decision to let you go with your friends. I know you will not abuse the priviledge of staying out into the dark hours of night.

Last night while going over the details with you about tonight's rules and events, you informed me that you did not want to use your trick-or-treat bag.


You were careful to choose your wording, as to not hurt my feelings, but you wanted to try out using a bag like the other kids. You gave good reason. You're 14. You're in high school. You'll be trick-or-treating with your friends. I tried to remind you that you have never cared what others think, and that you have carried this bag around every single Halloween of your entire life. You kindly, very sweetly declined. I tried.

I try to keep you and young at heart as I can. Truly I have succeed in so many way. You enjoy crooner music, you dress modestly, compared to so many young girls at your school who find it necessary to flaunt their newly developed breasts and as much midsection as possible without getting dress-coded. You still watch cartoons and Disney movies.

I know you are growing into a very smart, and respectful young lady. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I know that I will continue to have to let out the leash, and give you more space to explore the world. But never forget that you will always be my first born, my baby girl, and most of all, the very wise words from Grandpa... Be A Kid As Long As You Can, You Have The Rest Of Your Life To Be An Adult.

I Love You Sissy,



Gina said...

Such a sweet post, Jen. It is so hard to let go. Big hugs to you!

Tiffany said...

Love this!
I wish we all knew that at that age, before it was too late to grow up too fast!
You are such an amazing mother!

Grateful Heart said...

Dear Jen,

You made me cry.

You are such a good mama. Brings back memories of how quickly our children grow into teens then into adults. Dad always had good advice.

Hang on to all the precious moments with your family. Family is all you have in this world.

Amazing, how much I still miss my mom. She would have been 90 years old today. I'm just grateful we became best friends.

Love you, Mom

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