oh the places we'll go : SoCal (aka Home)

it seems like people who live in (Southern) California are trying to get out, and everyone else is trying to get in.  I grew up in SoCal and I can see the 'glint and glamor' it has... LA is one of the most famous cities in the world. 
See the second tallest building on the right... that's the original First Interstate (now Wells Fargo) building. My Mom worked there... at the top. She left that business-woman life to stay home with my sister and I. It wasn't until I had a career and children that I realized what a huge sacarafice that was for her.

You've got Hollywood
with Hollywood Blvd (the Stars)
and Mann's Chinese Theater
Hollywood Blvd

You've got Beverly Hills
with Rodeo Drive
and the Beverly Hills Hotel

You've got the beach cities...
like Huntington Beach

and Malibu

You've got Palm Springs

and Big Bear

and there is always Buena Park...
with Knotts Berry Farm
and Medieval Times
and Movieland Wax Museum

and last but certainly not least Anaheim...
with Angels Stadium right off the 57 fwy
File:Big A at Angel Stadium.jpg
and of course...

How about my SoCal home... Chino!
yep... cows and prisons. lol

I miss living in SoCal... but thankfully its not too far that I can't visit... and I do... often.
Wanna come with???

Happy Good Friday!


Anonymous said...

it's beautiful!!!! i'll be visiting sometime in the future :) i just don't know when :(

Gina said...

I'd love to come with you!

However, I don't think I'll ever get to see CA--I won't fly.

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