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So many of my friends right now are either pregnant or just recently had their children. What a joyful time this is for them. It seems like so long ago that I was there. Well, it was long ago. Nearly 15 years ago. Lol. The joy of bringing a new life into the world to can be indescribable. Blessings all around, stress, love, joy, sleeplessness. I am so happy for my friends who have had wonderful and uncomplicated pregnancies and births. Reading the stories makes my heart sing.

Unfortunately, not all stories are happy ones.


Dru and Corrin Morton, are two very dear friends to Paul and I. We've all known each other since the early years of high school. After marriage and two kids they were unexpectedly blessed with another pregnancy. Several complications during Corrin's pregnancy led to sweet Baby Tessa being born on October 18th at 3:20pm. At approximately 26 weeks, Tessa weighed 1 pound 3 ounces.
Photo: Our Angel
She came out a fighter, breathing on her own, and not too much longer was able to open her eyes and look and her Mommy and Daddy, and later Brother and Sister. After just a couple of days Mommy and Daddy both got to hold her in their arms.

Today, Baby Tessa needs to undergo a surgery on her little heart, and we need all the prayers we can get for this sweet angel baby from heaven.
Photo: Today has been a very long and emotional day. We are asking for all of the prayers to continue for our sweet angel as she will be having an invasive procedure done on her heart. This will more than likely take place tomorrow morning. Our beautiful girl is such a fighter so I know that with her strength and gods guidance she will be just fine. I have copied my moms post from earlier today that explains everything in further detail. Happy One Week Birthday Princess!!! We love you so much!!!!!

Corrin, Dru and both our families know that Tessa's fragile condition will warrant good days and bad days. Although she's still doing as well as expected, an echo cardiogram performed last evening revealed a cardiac PDA. This means that a special vein within the heart that usually closes in a full term newborn, has not done so in Tessa's case. This is not uncommon in premature infants and especially In those babies like Tessa that are considered a "micro preemie". This condition can cause the heart to work harder and also interfere with her respiratory system. I have noticed more effort on her part these past few days and now and we know why. 
This evening Dru and Corrin will be discussing with the neonatologist and cardiologist the options for Tessa which can include medication, or the more permanent solution - a procedure similar to cardiac catheterization where the cardiologist can close off the PDA- which is currently causing a murmur. The first feeding we were hoping to achieve today has been postponed until this little problem is corrected. All in all Tessa is holding her own and fighting strong. She is truly in the best place she could possibly be. Our nurses and doctors are rooting for Tessa as much as we are and have become quite attached to her. With all that said- Happy one-week birthday baby girl Morton! We love you Tessa Marie!
Tessa's road will continue to have its good days and its bad, it's ups and downs, but with the love and support of those who know, and don't know this family, Tessa will come out on top. She's a fighter, making small progresses every single day! Thank you for your prayers, they work!!

Also, another local family (who went to high school with us) recently delivered their son, who only lived a very short time. Read more about Colin's story here... Carrying Colin.

With all this heartache going on with my friends, my faith has become renewed and I have been diligently praying, and talking to God. I am so entirely grateful for the blessings in my life.

What are you grateful for today?

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Sending positive thoughts to this beautiful baby girl and her family! Please keep us posted!
:) xoxo

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