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As if FacebookTwitter, and Swagbucks haven't sucked all the extra mintues of my day, I found a few new-to-me sites that are keeping me entertained.

  • Jux was something I stumbled onto byway of Danielle at Sometimes Sweet and boy oh boy is it addicting! What I love, is that I can just jot down a note or something so not-entirely-blog-post-worthy and it's stored for the day I want to come back and scrapbook or print out to keep that memory close. It's just plain cool, ok!
  • Gramfeed. Okay, here is what happened. I was getting all kinds of cranky pants that I can't see my Instagram pics (both my friends and my own) on a bigger screen, like my computer, and was stuck looking at them on my little friend. Aka my Droid. Yes, I know... iPhone is cooler, but that shiz is ex-pensive. Anywho... I did some high powered investigative work, like Magnum PI investigative, and Ta-Da! My skillz brought me to this awesome site where I can finally see cool pics! Yay me! Small victories add up people!
That's really it. I know, kinda boring, kinda lame. But what do I always say. You better check yo self before you wreck yo self. No, wrong saying... Sharing is Caring people, Sharing Is Caring!

Now Go Forth and find some cool stuff of your own. Or just check out the sites I've shared. Yessss!

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Gina said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll go check them out.

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