Some things I am totally enjoying these days...

Pandora --> only the coolest internet radio thingy I've been turned onto. (Right now listening to my very own Adele station, and Corrine Bailey Rae is on... love!)

Pogo --> when I just wanna waste time and play, I can veg-out here with some poker, or scrabble, or anything in between.

Flickr --> an old fav that I've rediscovered... so much beauty... so much inspiration!

Etsy --> again, another old fav. I check in here every day (man I wish I had a million etsy dollars, hehe)

IMDB --> been hanging around here lately... looking for quotes and such. hmm.

whaaaaats going on...

Someone please explain to me why Denny (as adorably Hot as he is) is 'There For Izzie". She's sick! I get that... but geez, as if losing Denny way back when wasn't torture enough, now we have to see him as a ghost! Ugh! I don't know about you, but I was a total basket-case Thursday night! Between Denny, and little Jackson (tears) and Grey bawling her eyes out... what are they trying to do to me!! :-)


This weekend I was able to have all my babes with me (my two kids, plus my sisters three). I absolutely love having them all over. The crazy-business, the playing together, the running around screaming and chasing each other... I totally dig that!
We decided to have a mini picnic at the park.

A Chair-Of-Bowlies!

Ella stuffin' her cute lil' face with nummie-yummie cupcake!
Ella, playing with the boys...

...and yet she's totally a girlie girl!
I love those babes so much! All the time I get to spend with them is so special to me. :-)

Disney's The Lion King

This was one of the most incredible, moving things I have ever seen in my life!

The opening, Rafiki... the voice, and the power behind it just fills your lungs. While the sun rises with all its beautiful colors... animals from all over come down the aisles to the center stage. The Circle of Life. Wow. The opening was one of my favorite parts.

The costumes were unreal... absolutely creative and beautiful.

I had tears in my eyes from the beginning to the end (shed a few in the middle, there). I was amazed at the magnitude of the production.

Afterwards, the girl scouts were able to meet with the cast and ask questions. Did you know it take 19 semi-trucks to move the production! Incredible!

Ahh. I really would love to see it one more time. If you haven't, I strongly suggest that you do!

*shoot (hehe)

This weekend, Eric and Suzy came out to visit from Cali. We all went up to Cornville to visit with Suzy's family... and shoot some guns! We had a Blast (no pun intended). My favorite by far, was here in this picture... my first time shooting my Daddy's police issued 357 magnum. Very exciting, and very important to me.

Here, Suzy's shootin' the "big gun" with Eric right behind her (what a supportive spouse. hehe)

Here I am, shooting Eric's police issued 45 (funny how much police handguns have changed over 30 years).

The suitcase did not make a clean get-a-way. hehehe

After a long, fun day... we came home (listening to the Baltimore Ravens beat the Tenneessee Titans in the last 2 minutes of the game... so exciting!) to watch our very own ARIZONA CARDINALS STOOOOOOMMMMMPPPPPP the Carolina Panthers!! WooHoo!!!

And on Sunday... Today.... while Paul is out setting up trail-cams for his upcoming hunt, I've done this...

Yup... watching the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants... which bring the Eagles to us here in AZ for a Home Game to see who goes to the SuperBowl... Yes SuperBowl!!!!! I know... just breathe, I'm excited too! hehe
Now, we're in the middle of the Chargers @ Steelers game to see who will play Baltimore next weekend!

Gotta LOVE football!!!

sorry i *suck at blogging...

but soo much has happened in the ...what... 7 days of the new year. hehe
such as this:::

Yes... the Arizona Cardinals FINALLY made it to the playoffs, and I had a ticket for the show! hehe. Never attending a professional football game, this was absolutely exhilerating! I can't even begin to explain the magic and energy that was filling the stadium! What's even better... WE WON!!! We beat the Falcons to now head on this Saturday to Carolina. GO CARDINALS!!

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