*lookie lookie

what I got for Christmas!! My new baby! A Canon Digital EOS Rebel XS with the EF-S 18-55 IS Kit.
OMG is right!
I have honestly had a photo of this camera under my desk for 3 years! I've wanted this camera so bad! I am so grateful to the people in my life who have made it possible for me to finally own this camera, and deeply grateful to aunt Kelly (Engbarth) who, like me, believes that passion and dreams can and will come true.
:-) Yay!

I'm right on top of that Rose...

For far too long now (like, since I was in high school) I've always said to my mother "I'm right on top of that Rose" (btw my momma's name is Rosalie). You might be familiar with the phrase, coming from the movie 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' (which I was never aloud to watch as a kid, but somehow manged to without my parent's knowledge). Anywho... after many years of my answering this to my mother, she began saying it... All The Time! It's become quite the little joke with us, and what makes it totally that much funnier, is that my mom has Never seen the movie! So, for her (25+25)+x birthday, we gave her the movie. Now she can watch it... and totally 'Get It'! :-)


Most recently, I've had this total fixation with flamingos. They are such a beautiful and delicate (and Pink) birds. I've always had a special place in my heart for them, and I know why. My aunt (my only aunt on my father's side) has a love for them as well. She collected things flamingo-ish and had them all over her totally-rad 80s decorated house. I think that my recent *adoration for them is linked up to the feelings I've been having, missing her and wishing she was still here, wondering why I didn't get enough time with her, didn't get to know her as an adult person and not just my aunt karen. She's been gone a little over 10 years now, and with my daughter being her namesake, I just wish my aunt could have met my kids, watched me grow into adulthood, been at the other end of a phone call for advice. The holidays always make you miss those loved ones just a bit more. So I suppose, the flamingo God*wink going on right now is just my way of acknowledging my feelings, and letting them be. I'm thankful for flamingos.
P.S. Happy (25+25)+x Birthday Momma! I love you! "I'm right on top of that Rose..." (story to come later)

Finally*a place for us...

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where have You been???

Ugh! I've missed you so... don't ever stay away that long ever ever again.

...okay, I am sorry. I have been a bad Bad blogger. But! I have good reason...

Yesterday I was released from the joke of a hospital (John C Lincoln) after my stay of, oh, 4 nights and 5 days!

Truth be told, this is (I know) not the most flatterin of photos but "A" my mom took it from a camera phone and "B" I was in a lot - A Lot - A LOT of pain (to be control thereafter by Morphine... thank God for the miracle of medicine).

Anyway... the long story short goes sumpthin' like this... went in Sunday afternoon (11/30) after pain in my lower abdomen was so excruciatingly painful that I was literally moments from passing out from the pain (let me note now that I have a very high pain tolerence earning a mother-of-the-year nomination for giving birth to my 9lbs 2oz son with no pain meds).

Continuing... in the ER for 7-ish hours, my CT scan showed fluid, blood and debris in the lower abdomen and nobody could tell us what it was from. So, I was admitted. I'm not going to bore you with the absolute frustrations that I went through when I was in the hospital for 33 HOURS before I was able to see a doctor let alone get any food or water (not even so much as water or ice chips). Grrrrr.... breathe.

Okay, so after pelvic exams and ultrasounds, an endoscopy, and tons and tons of bloodwork, they still don't have an exact answer as to what is exactly wrong with me. I was begging to be released because the entire experience was not only physically painful, but truly exhausting on my mother, my husband, and myself. Dealing with incompetency is not something I do well.

As for now, I have been seen by my own Gyn and am scheduled for a Pelvic MRI Monday (12/8). From what she can tell, it could very well have been a massive ovarian cyst rupture (mind you, I have had several of these before but nothing this painful). I am to stay off my feet all weekend and rest. My body is tired, and I can feel it trying to heal itself. I hope answers are soon to come.

Also, one more thing...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 my very dear friend Sharon Howell (shown below with me in many photos... she has long blonde hair) lost her father. Brad Howell was just like all of our dads and he will with certainty be loved and missed.

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