OK, so here's the thing...

I know I've been absent on this blog, like really absent.
I know my 'blogging style' doesn't really follow a curriculum or layout or have any sense of direction.
I know I've got all of two readers left (and I love them dearly).
All these thing I know...

But what you don't know is...

I've been blogging in secret.
I've been blogging here, on this blog, just not posting them (they are all saved).
I've been blogging about things that (obviously) I wasn't sure I wanted to share with the WWW.

And then, I came to this really wonderful realization...

I Don't Care.
I don't care if my readers agree with me and my words or not. (Sidenote: I DO Care about my readers, because for the most part they are my friends and my family, so don't go twisting this around, I Care about YOU, just not about censoring my own thoughts as to not piss you off, does this make any sense? The point is, I really like you, Call Me Maybe?)
I don't care if my blog isn't cool, or crafty, or consistent (the letter of the day seems to be C, lol).

Because this is MY blog! I can say what ever the heck I want!
I can curse like a sailor, I can share some rhymes (okay, maybe not... some of them are embarrassing, lol), I can write about my day, I can write about religion or politics or cartoons! I can do what ever I want because this tiny space in the world of all things online is My space (well, not my MySpace, but you get what I'm saying, right?)

I'm just gonna write what I want, share what I want, say what I want. Most of the time this will sound as though it's coming from brain to keyboard through fingers without the hint of any internal filter... yeah, that sounds honest. Sometimes I'll post something and sit on it before I actually share it (like a few I've got coming in the future). Sometimes there will be words, other times not. Sometimes there will be pictures, other times not. Sometimes there will be links, other times not (you get the picture, right).

The point is this. I want this blog to remain personal to me, while sharing the things that I do not want to forget (like the previous post, Dear Cameron). Mostly, this will be about me right now (like Right Now, Right Now... not Later, Later?) (Another Sidenote: I should add here that most of you probably won't get my humor unless you are a fungi, you've met me in person, or seen video of me [maybe I should Vlog, hmmm...] but we shall work on these kind of things together.) 

What I've noticed while going back on the archives here (also known as the Day's of my Life) is that I tend to go through phases. That's totally normal, right? From Scrapbooking, to crafting, to baking, to photography, to gym rat, to grieving... you all remember. Anywho... I'm back at it with a new obsession in life (that you will hear more and more and more about) and I can't wait to share! Yay me, Yay you!

Okay, lemme wrap up the ranting (though, this is what most of my post will sound like... aka ridiculous nonsense). Just... stay tuned. If you want to.... okay, pretty please?

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miss teacups said...

THANK YOU. Yes..Yes..Yes!! Blogging is for YOU...if other people happen to read it, that's great but it's ultimately for you, and that's all that matters. You can post whatever the heck you want, whenever the heck you want and that's all there is to it.

Thanks for keeping it real girl!

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