Currently : February

Eating: So, I started a new meal plan with my new gym. After being 100% Paleo 80% of the time... for the past 3 years, I am now eating.... drumroll... carbs!! As in Brown and White Rice and even better, Steep Cut Oats. Yassss!! I'm not mad at it. I'm learning more about my body, and the importance of macros. It's just so wonderful. And another huge plus is I get to eat Chipotle every 4 days!!!! eeeek!   

Enjoying: Naps, Quietness in my office, my Gym time, Glides with my frands, Driving into work with a stunning AZ sunrise, and the general AZ weather in February (you can't be mad at it). 

Excited for: PRs!! Deadlifted 250 this month... that is a 25# Personal Record from 2013 (my previous heaviest lift), Cornhole tournaments, Weddings, and The Crossfit Opens!!

Learning: All about Macros, and about getting into college (so many steps, ugh), and about depression and how to help those with it.

Loving: The hype and the inspiration that comes along with the upcoming Crossfit Open, Sunday mornings at church (Cody Deevers has been killin' the sermon game), and the weather. (Did I already say that, lol). 

Reading: The same as last month (I'm a slow reader)... Drums of Autumn (Outlander Series Book 4), and my daily devotional Jesus Calling. I recommend both. Also hoping to pick up a few Crossfit Magazines before vacation.

Thinking: About vacation, gotta get my base tan on. Also thinking about ways to spend more quality time with my babes, teenagers aren't really into Mom time, but I so desperately need it. 

Watching: Still catching up on Game of Thrones, and up to date on Downton Abbey, the Final Season (tear), but also became ridiculously addicted on Netflix to The Great British Baking Show... seriously, I want to watch it all over again. Paul Hollywood is my old bossman, Sig's doppleganger, like legit!
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Maira Gall