tuesday... monday's do-over!

i actually went to bed early last night (like 9pm) and fell asleep (lots of lack of sleep this weekend... mind's been on super-overload mode lately) so i woke up on the better side of the bed this morn.
yay! i was so super excited to see my painting from miss Luiza Vizoli framed and hung up! it looks so beautiful... and it totally put a smile on my face this morn.
the amazing Miss Ally sent me this ATC and i absolutely luv*luv it!! a million plus one thankU thankU's!!!

(something i forgot to share a while ago) the hubs just*had to buy me this 'pine-scented' air freshner because it is *totally without a doubt ME! hehe
speaking of the incredible Anne Taintor (i love her style in a serious-kinda way. hehe) i now have a mini-collection of her pins... i'm up to seven (hows 'bout i post a pic when i have 9...).

and in talking about fantastic artists... Miss Jamie totally turned me on to My Dead Pony and this piece just really made a crap-ton of sense to me. hmm.

oh what else can i share....

oooh... I got Happy Mail from the wonderful Miss Janel (pics on that to come) and don't worry MissJamie my darling my dear your's in on it's way!!! :)

Okay, well for a tuesday... that's all I got. Lookin' forward to tomorrow (hump day. yay.) TTFN!


twistedsoda said...

Oh just look at all that cool stuff you got. I am so jeolous. I am particularly loving those betsy shoes...grrrrrr!

ally serrato said...

oh my gosh ~ i so love not camping toooo!!! so glad you got your atc jen ~ thanks for following my blog :-) glad you likey ~ have a great day,, errr,, i mean evening,,, or morning for that matter!! ha!!

ashleyrwatts said...

Whoa. The painting is gorgeous! :)

And I saw the mydeadpony.com from Jamie, too...and I'm so in love (and surprised how well I relate to a lot of it, lol) with it!

hollysarah said...

that air freshener is the bomb.

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