my birthday was awesome!

Look at all the COOL stuff I got for my birfday! :)

My good friend Becca gave me these two A-dorable rhinestone bangles from Sashay Jewelry (which she sells) and I must say... I have *quite the wish list there. The cutest stuff for inexpensive prices... loves them... wear them almost daily! :)

I *finally got myself a pair of Converse AllStars and I couldn't be happier. I needed a pair of low-key black shoes and these are purrrfect!

Okay... these just might be my new favs! Cute lil' green comfy-cozy slip ins that I got at Target... for 5 Bucks!! WooHoo! Can you say... SCORE! lol

I also got a really cute singing pillow thats embroidered 'You Are My Sunshine' (and plays that song) from my parents, and from my kiddos (and the hubs even though the hubs gave me a beautiful dozen of red roses) I got a girly Official NFL Jersey #11 Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals!! I haven't taken a pic of it yet, b/c I am hoping to wear it to the game this Friday Night when we are gonna Stomp Green Bay!! :)
And Last... but *certainly not least...
my friend Jamie sent me a happy birthday package that I got yesterday!!
I mean c'mon... look at the Party goin' on in the box!! :-)

Here are all the goodies she sent!! And I must say, I *love getting handmade cards! (Yes, that is a felt broach that says Camera Girl that I am wearing today! hehe)

I truly am blessed to have so many people in my life who love me, and care for me, and are there for me. That really is the greatest gift of all...
Love You All!!

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