thursdays are sometimes a different kind of day for me

i don't have the normal schedule of driving 45 minutes to work (and back). Thursdays I get to work closer to home (at my second job) but I also get a little more 'ME' time.

Things that are inspiring me enough to share with you...
got this from Vivs

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

found this lovely photoset by J'M Photography on Once Wed

LA has totally made me obsess about bubblegum machines, and more specifically trying to find one similar to the one i used to have in my bedroom growing up (from baby years to teenage years). hmmm.

a good friend told me about this movie...

...and now i can hardly wait to see it!

so excited for friday! don't really know why... i'll have my sister's 3 kids all weekend long... i think every once in a while i enjoy the house full of kid-craziness and laughing and screaming and snuggling and just enjoying the time together. :)

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Jamie said...

Oh, that movie looks amazing!!! I can't wait!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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