this weekend was filled with MEN

FRIDAY NIGHT - I was super lucky to go see Mister Trace Adkins...
...and Mister Toby Keith in concert!! What an amazing show! I've seen Toby many many times (always pus on a good show) but his co-pilot... yum! Talk about some Eye Candy!! lol!!
SATURDAY - The day sorta slipped away... but Sat night I *finally got to start Season One of Mad Men... oh my goodness I am hooked! I wanted to start this show way back when it first began, but missed the first two eps... by the third ep ya kinda need to watch one and two. anywho, i am way super excited to finally get into it (don't spoil anything for me. hehe)

SUNDAY - of course was about Him! As in the Lord!! :) Went to Church and heard the greatest message about what God wants us to know about Fear (we all have it... we all experience it). Reading from Matthew 14:22-33.

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vivianna said...

mad men rocks my world!

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