29. today.

29 before 30
1. Go on a picnic.
2. Take a photography class.
3. Ride in a hot air balloon.
4. Eat authentic Indian food.
5. Go hiking in Flagstaff.
6. Read 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.
7. Take a weekend road trip spontaneously.
8. Write a story.
9. Lay in the grass and make out objects in the clouds.
10. Find my grandmothers cookie jar, and buy it.
11. Make a calendar with everyones birthdays in it.
12. Visit Liz in MD.
13. Complete my quotes journal.
14. Pay for a strangers meal.
15. Go to the Phoenix Art Museum.
16. Cut my hair. Short(er).
17. Attend a class / retreat at church.
18. Do a cleanse.
19. Try a new craft (quilting, knitting, embroidery, etc.)
20. Wear a formal gown to work.
21. Leave a $50 tip.
22. Go to a car show.
23. Learn how to speak Spanish.
24. Decorate my bedroom.
25. Lose 20 pounds.
26. Spend an entire day in silence.
27. Shop at the Farmers Market.
28. Get a record player and play mom and dad's records.
29. Read the entire Bible.


Jamie said...

Awesome list!!!! Love it all!!! A formal gown to work, eh??? Sounds fabulous!!! I hope you have an amazingly happy weekend and birthday!!!! Enjoy it and celebrate yourself!!!! You deserve it!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh look! I'm on your list!! You better come to Maryland to visit me sometime...I've been waiting!


Love you!

flying scissors said...

Happy Birthday!

I wish you a great day and a lovely weekend. Great list.

Anonymous said...

Wow, What a list! I think I can help you with a few of those. I have been wanting to try some authentic Indian food! might go a little 'along came polly' on you, but ya. Let's do it!!


Gigi said...

Awww...I hope you complete that whole list! Happy Birthday Jen!

Rachell Taylor said...

What a great list! I can't wait to hear what lucky waiter gets the $50. How fun!

ally serrato said...

okay ~ i seriously wanted to go on your blog because i remembered it was your birthday alllllll daayyyy longgggggg,,, you share the same birthday as my girl baby,,, we were at disneyland all day, if i had your number i would texted you!! ha!!! anyway, talk about a day late and a dollar short,,, but happy birthday anyway!!!

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