i'm a sore winner....

oh my goodness...
the sweet and newly-30 year old Jamie (go here to see her in*action on her Vlog)
for this
I can't even explain to you my reaction! Seriously... I eeked (very loud) out loud in my office. All by myself. I did  a happy dance and everything! I absolutely can NOT believe this!! I've been on the lookout for an Enid Collins original for a while now. This is simply magic.
Please go over and wish miss Jamie a lovely start to the next decade of her life (which I am certain will be amazing)!
Friday. I went and saw 
Alice In Wonderland
and it was magical. I didn't want it to end. I'd go see it again.

Later Friday I had my first personal training session at the gym.
Lets just say... it is now Monday (afternoon) and I am Still SORE!!! It literally took every ounce of energy to get me up the stairs Friday night. Once I was there, I did NOT go back down. lol.
What's frustrating is that I used to be quite athletic. As a cheerleader in high school, I was always working out in the gym, keeping up on cardio and whatnot. Even after having kids, I got back into shape, running (which I fell in love with) until I was told to stop (once I was diagnosed with scoliosis). Now, here I am (almost 30) and I suckin' wind on the treadmill after 2 miles, and I hurt.... I mean hurt after one training session. What the hell happened to me. (Don't answer that). I am looking forward to getting back into shape... a shape, any shape really (aside from beach ball. lol). Training session day 2 is tomorrow (Zumba tonight. so excited... i will not be missing Zumba just because I'm sore) so I'll give you an update manana (that's tomorrow for the non-espanol-speaking-population).
This Post from Mandi really, really inspired me this morning. Please go check it out!
War women6
Tiffany (my cutie Happy Mail partner) is having a super-awesome GIVEAWAY for a handmade scarf (of your color choice)...
plus other goodies. You absolutely MUST go over To Her Blog and enter this lovely giveaway... or at the very least, stop by and say hi! She is absolutely adorable! 
Also, she is featured HERE (over at my girl Janel's blog)!!! Read all about her! Stinkin' precious, I tell ya!
Sidenote: I kinda like separating my [longer] posts with these asterik lines. lol.
The ever-inspiring Jamie from Inspired Mess is featured on the Craft for Health website!
She was diagnosed with MS over a year ago, and since I have met her (both online and irl) she has become a huge inspiration in my life. I absolutely adore her, and am so proud to be able to call her my friend.
Listen up nail girl (Becca. my love) I am super excited about the new China Girl Spring 2010 line...
Yummy!! My fav is Heli-Yum and Flyin' High (I think those are the colors I want my birthday party. yeah?)
Do you ever have Chocolate Cake for breakfast?
I am firm believer that you don't always need a reason to eat cake. I love to make a cake (chocolate usually, so decadent and gooey) and surprise my kids with it for breakfast. Yes. I give my kids chocolate cake for breakfast. Sometimes. 
I encourage you to do the same!! 
When I was little waking up to cake for breakfast was like waking up on Christmas morning. Magical and special for no other reason than making today a good day!
Oscars! Did you watch? I only watched a tiny bit, but my favorite dressed were:
Okay. Off to get some work done. 


Jamie said...

You're too sweet! I love you!

I'm soooo glad you won Jamie's giveaway!!!!! That's awesome!!!!

I love those nail colors!!!!
I miss you!!! I soooo wish you were with us this weekend.
Big hugs, girl!!!
Love you!

Carrie said...

Oh I am so glad you won! I posted about nail polish today too :D

I hope we get to go see Alice this weekend


S and O said...

oooh what a fabulous post...I so want to go see Alice In Wonderland -- I'm experiencing major jealously to all those who have seen it, heheehe :)

some of those dresses were simply amazing at the oscars weren't they??!


Tiffany said...

YOU are sooooo awesome! :) Thank you for linking me here~ It is totally fine that you used the photo for my giveaway! Thank you!! Did you get something in the mail yet?? I hope so! I will be sending something else hopefully this week! :)
Tiffany :)

Jamie said...

i'm so happy you won too!!!
did you get it? i should check to see...i just haven't gone through my postage stuff to check.

have an amazing weekend sweet friend!


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