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will be turning 30 this sunday.
in honor of her birthday, she is having a GIVEAWAY for...

naturally, i entered. here is my entry...
first off.... i'm excited about your birthday!! and i can't even believe it's already march!!
secondly... those cupcakes look like tie-dye and are just lovely!!
thirdly... i will gladly enter your birthday giveaway with my favorite birthday story (ahem)...
...me being honest me - my fav birthday was my 16th birthday party - my best girl sharon let me borrow her car to take my drivers license test - i passed by one point - she let me drive her car for the rest of the day - that weekend she threw me the biggest kegger party with all of my high school and older than high school friends there - what made it that much sweeter was that paul had broken up with me on my actual 16th birthday so this party was her way of getting back at him for doing such a shitty thing - all his friends were there too - i know, its totally high school but that party rocked - i ended up finishing the keg with my buddy darren at 430 in the morning smoking cigarettes and watching weird al tv on mtv - good times.
...for those that read this and don't know, i married paul soon after my 18th birthday and we are going to be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary on 3/13.
(p.s. i'm totally blogging this)....

so... why am i blogging this, you ask. first, i think you should go and enter her giveaway.
but secondly, go and wish her a happy birthday (at the very least) because since i've known this girl (i've been blog-stalking her for over a year now) she has not only become one of my favorite reads, but one of my favorite people. she's open and caring, and honest and truly sees beauty in this world. she shares her life and her inspiration, she is a woman with a roar and i absolutely adore her to pieces!! she deserves the best 30th birthday out there... so go help giving her one and say 'hey'!!

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Jamie said...

i forgot to comment!!! you are the SWEETEST!!! i loveee you to pieces! i hope we meet soooon!!!


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