did you know that it is MS Week...

I wouldn't have known if it weren't for Miss Jamie at Inspired Mess!
She is a beautiful and bold woman.
She has the biggest heart, and the warmest hug (even from across states).
She is brave and strong and inspirational.
She is living with MS.
She is campaigning and making the world aware of MS, and what we can do to help.

PLEASE... go and read This Post on her Blog! It is important.

Of course, in true Jamie style, she is always thinking of others, of the greater good. And she will be hosting giveaways in light of MS Week.
Here are some goodies up for grabs. Go over and enter.
But above anything else, go over and read her message. Read the information she has provided. This is something that she believes in. And because I believe in her, I support (and will continue to support) her efforts in MS Awareness.
Pledge to Donate for MS Awareness & Research!
Shrinking For A Cure is just another way you can help contribute and support Jamie and MS Awareness.
Do what you can! Every little bit helps!

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Jamie said...

You made me tear up. I miss you. Thank you so much.

We said a few Oh Mylanta's and Goodness Gravies for you this weekend. ;)

Love you!

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