Friday Night : Date Night


We went and saw Remember Me last night. It was good, really good. Delicious eye candy, I might add. But the ending just effing sucked. I mean, it was good (then whole audience gasped in unison) but it just wasn't right... messed up, man. I don't wanna give away, but tears... big 'ol tears streamed down my face as my nails were digging into the hubs hand and my best girl Jessica's hand. It was a chick flick to say the least, but the boys enjoyed a few moments of 'boy humor'. lol.

Almost as important, we got to see the Eclipse Trailer on the BIG screen... sigh. It was amazing!! More amazing that the 50 times I've watched the dang thing on my computer. lol. Yeah... you can say it. I'm a dork.

Afterwards we headed on over to the Mellow Mushroom where I proceed to have my first (and only) alcoholic beverage. It's been 2 months since I've had a 'drink' and as the hubs pointed out last night, that is the longest I've gone (aside from pregnancy) since I was 14. Wow. Anyway (lets now dwell on that) I enjoyed a delicious Dirrrrty Martini (thank you Jessica for introducing us) and it was simply delicious. Never had one before, but I can honestly say I am a fan. :) I also ordered the Philosophers Pie, and was only able to eat 1 slice (I got 3 more waiting in the fridge for me). Yum yum.

Date night was fun. We don't get out much (especially without children) and its usually for some sort of 'reason' (like celebrating our anniversary, ahem. 11 years today people). We all vowed to do it more often. I hope so. I really enjoyed going out. It felt good to be among people. lol


Jamie said...

Happy Anniversaryyyyyy!!!!

mel said...

i agree - happy anniversary! 11 years is awesome.
this is the first i've heard of this film (out of the country, out of the loop) but i'm interested to see claire from lost as someone else.
hope you're having a great weekend, and yes, do go out :)

Heather said...

Date night is so great! We all need to do it more often. Its hard to get away. I hear ya... =)

Tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary ~ a few days late....:)
Did your happy mail arrive by chance?

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