I got me some Happy Mail Love!!

How excited was I that my suuuuper-sweet Happy Mail partner Tiffany sent me this....
Little-Known Facts About Well-Known Places : Ireland by David Hoffman
I was so excited to get this! She is soooo adorably sweet!! Thank you Miss Tiffany!!

Also... after a crazay-hectic morning jumping from chiro appt to dr appt to hauling butt to work this am... I was able to 'pop' into good 'ol Marshalls (I love this store) and *finally got myself a cutie Kenneth Cole Wallet (I haven't owned a wallet in for-ev-er... I just throw stuff in my bag kinda).

< P.S. Don't mind the ick faces today... I'm playin' it suuuper-low-key today. lol >

Some other coolness I simply *must share with you on this beautiful Wednesday...

---> I feel super amazing and energized today

---> I also feel super sore. Had another training session (numero dos) and although it wasn't as painful as the first, it still whooped my butt (literally... my bootie muscles huuuurt)

---> I was so stinkin' excited to see THIS today...

...but I'm even MORE EXCITED that tomorrow (3/11) at 6am PST / 9am EST the full *official trailer will be released... (yeah, I have my alarm set for it... so what! hehe)

Okay... I'll save some cool stuff for tomorrow.
Loves To You All!!
OH! Which totally reminds me... I've seen that I have a few New Followers...
I have every intention on luring you out of blog-stalking by having a fun 'lil give-away here soon...
Keep your eyeballs wide open!! 


Jamie said...

Cute pics!!! What a great surprise for you! Tiffany's sooo incredibly sweet! xoxo

P.S. I'm baking a chocolate cake right now for breakfast. The kids are gonna flip. Thanks for the idea!!!!

Tiffany said...

:) So glad you like the book!! I hope to have your package in the mail today! :)
Love the cute wallet!! :)

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