Vintage Find

So... last Saturday, my mom and I were shopping in Historic Glendale and of course we had to stop into one of my favorite shops, Pink House Treasures. I love looking at all the local artist finds (it's like a in-person etsy).
I saw this purse laying there all alone on the shelf, no other purses looked anything like it. It was so different and unique, I gasped as I grabbed it to check the price. $9.00 I think I yelled out loud the price to my mom in amazement... explaining to her that I am in love and this was a 'no-duh' purchase.
Later that night, looking at the detail and craftsmanship of this bag, I searched the interior for a label of whoever designed and crafted this bag. As I open up the zipped pocket inside... I was amazed and shocked and super-excited to find this...

251 Rupees (thats Indian Money). I was stoked! I was elated! It was like finding buried treasure!! Of course, I spent the rest of the night telling everyone about my lucky find.

Monday morning, I dashed into work... I had to find a Rupees to Dollar conversion online. I mean 251 Rupees... I could be holding onto $5,000 and not even know it. As I put in the right amount of Rupees I waited patiently for the outcome (as if I were sitting in front of a slot machine at the casino)... it came up... $5.17
Yes, my big treasure! Lol. So, it paid for half the purse... but it was the coolest thing that had happened to me yet! :-)


andrea said...

Dang, what an awesome treasure! I'll have to be more diligent about checking the pockets of things while thrifting!

susan the shoppe owner said...

You are so funny. Great purse!

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