I told you I'm still Crafty

Its been a whiiile since I've done anything crafty. This layout was started months ago... it just stayed on my desk, laying there doing nothing. Well, the other week I got the creative bug up my butt and busted out THIS book for my Dad (and Mom) and have been on the move since.

Today, on my list of things-to-do:
  1. Work from home. Answer and Dispatch calls to Paul.
  2. Clean out the playroom. DONE
  3. Clean out kids rooms.
  4. Laundry.
  5. Pack kids for CA.
  6. Clean out My Closet.
  7. Clean desk.
  8. Pick up kids from Moms.
  9. Fireworks in Anthem.

And maybe, here and there blog, or create something lovely. :-)

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