the last day of july. 2009

'i love you in place. where theres no space or time. i love you for my life. your a friend of mine.'

I can't seem to get enough of Michael Buble, and listen to his album It's Time (2005) every single day.

I think The Uniform Project is super inspiring!

I Miss THIS girl So Much!!

I'm all about Twitter these days! Totally luv*luv that I can 'tweet' from my phone! And I luv*luv all my tweeterettes!! :)

Heard about Hollywood Regency today at the salon... I Must Go ASAP! :)

The hubs is playing poker tonight, so it's just me and the kiddos... giving me time to get laundry done and work on my art journaling... more to come (like the visuals) later... I kinda like nights like this. hehe :)

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