talk about Happy*Mail !!!

When I got home today, I was super excited because Lexi (my car) got a once-over at the auto beauty shop and was waitin' for me with a new oil change, new rear brakes, and lookin' fine (big-huge thank you huggies for my car guy). Then, I noticed that Verizon had sent my replacement phone (finally)... a bonus! hehe
But when I went to the mail... I swerr, what I found COMPLETED MY DAY!!

My fantabulous amoeba broach that I won on a giveaway over at ASHLEY'S blog!

And Some HAPPY MAIL LOVE from JANEL! Thank you lovelie peoples for making my day (which happens to be a Wednesday... by the way. lol)!!

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Rachell Taylor said...

That does sound like a great day.

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