my suuuuper sweet friend Jamie over at Inspired Mess gave me An Award and I am most grateful and most thankful!!

I'll be passing along the award to five fabulous blogs that you *must check out!

1. Kristin from Hello Sweet World ... her photography is inspiring, and she is the sweetest person (who would actually go out of her way for a gal across country)... loves her!

2. Onjoli from Pink de Ville ... she a cutie local (AZ) girl who has the most adorable stuff in her shop (and to think, I was buying her goods long before I even met her online)... super cool!

3. Danielle from Sometimes Sweet ... has become one of my fav daily reads. She's a local (AZ) girl too, except she lives in the the town I am destined to live in. And she's a teacher (what I wanted to be long ago)... and she has incredibly cute style!

4. Lehua from Heart On My Sleeve ... shares her love for life and her journey in wedding planning (which I absolutely love)... she's too cute!

5. Lindsay from Her Sunday Dress ... is another new blog find as well as a local (AZ) girl who I enjoy her cutie quirky-ness and her ultimate love for all things 50s (most specifically cars and pin-ups)... I swerr she could be a soul sista! :-)

I really am so appreciative to all my lovely blog friends. I want to give you All Awards!! :-) muah!


Anonymous said... are too cute! thanks!
I'm going to post something on my blog. stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Aw, yay! You're too sweet! Loves you too :)

Danielle said...

You are sooo sweet, and I am so flattered that you would include me. I just had to edit my weekend post so I could include this. Thank you, really. You made my day! :)

So much love --

Lindsay said...

Thanks for following my blog :D Following yours too, it's so cute! Yay for your award!!!

Lindsay said...

Aw! You are awesome!!!!!!

Onjoli said...

You are too sweet. Thanks sooo much!!!

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