what 2010 will mean to me...

So, everyone is making their lists for the new year.
And I am blending right in with my own list (of sorts).
Now, pay attention... there might me a quiz later...

* I think the obvious for just about most of America is to lose weight (what, isn't it like 70% or something crazy like that). So, yet again I'll jump on that wagon. But I think more importantly for ME... I just wanna feel comfortable in my own skin.  This post by this cutie girl helped me come to that conclusion whole-heartedly. For the past few months I've been running around saying 'oh I wanna be skinny for my 30th birthday' (and by skinny I mean just fit into a real vintage 50s dress). But in all honesty, I think I'd rather just be comfortable, and content with my figure. I don't think its a secret... the 'Girls' are rather big. (Funny, when you got big ones, you want smaller ones, and vice versa) Anywhoooo.... I'm rambling. Oh! Figure... yeah, so I just want to be able to walk around nakie and not shatter the full-length mirror in my bathroom. I don't think I'm asking for much here people! lol.
Moooooving On....

*Speaking of birthdays... Yes, the big 3-0 is in my near-ish future (August). I will admit that I am just a tiny bit spooked about it (no more blaming dumb decision on lack-of-experience 20s) but actually, I have always looked forward to 30. It's like I'm a 'Real Grown-Up' now. Lets be honest, I had to grow up suuuper fast compared to most girls my age. I feel like I've been a granny for a while now, but I do like to play and have fun and I don't think that will ever change. It is apart of who I am. The all-time goofball.
I don't know how I want to celebrate exactly. A big party, a shopping spree, something big and new. No idea. I just know that it's coming and when it does... I wanna be ready!

*I suppose this goes along with the losing weight thing, but I really would like this coming year to focus on cooking at home. Cooking with fruits and vegetables. Cooking with the family. My daughter wants to be a chef, and I think getting her and my son more involved in cooking and prep work will teach them both better eating habits and appreciation for 'grown foods' opposed to store-bought or fast-food. Ya dig?

*I would like to continue to learn and grow in photography. Will Vastine's blog along with his A-Stinkin'-Dorable girl Erin Sunday are incredibly inspirational to me. And beginner to suuuper-advanced, they really just inspire with their honesty and love for photography.

*Another goal for me (probably inspired by my new 'decade' of life) is to update my closet. My look. My rags. This Girl's Wardrobe Wednesdays totally inspire me! And of course, a girl can never have enough shoes. No?

*To wrap things up here... ultimately I would like to focus on Me. My beliefs, my morals, my strengths (and weaknesses). I want to be a better person. A person full of love and light ready to give openly to all who will have me. And of course... to always have fun!


Mandi said...

Good luck with your resolutions! The revamping the wardrobe is my favorite. I think when I started caring more about how I dress was when other things in life started falling into place. :) (weird reasoning, but I stick by it!)

Jamie said...

I love it! You're gonna totally rock your 30's!!!! We'll be there for each other for support and encouragement!!!!!! xoxo

Gina said...

Did you write those resolutions for me or you? Heehee, they're almost mine exactly. Good luck Jen and Happy New Year to you and your family!

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