Christmas Time

I Love Christmas!
It is my favorite time of the year... no joke.
Every year (as long as I've lived) my parents host a beautiful Christmas Eve party where friends and family gather and enjoy visiting...

(My two babes Bubba and Sissy in front of my parent's entrance tree)
(Aunt Kelly & I... she's not only my aunt, but my boss, and my best friend)
(Aunt Kelly & of course me being goofy... its what I do, lol)
(The hubs visiting with Uncle Jeff and Lyle and Karyl)
(This was a first... The Grinch came! I mean, Santa comes every year, but the Grinch! We didn't know what to do!! He told us Santa didn't need to come because he was taking care of it all... hmmmm...)
(Yaaaaay! Santa!!!) (That pretty lady is my Mama... aka, Santa's little helper. teehee)
(Christmas Morning... these kids were up at 4 AM!!!)(I made them rest on the couch until 630AM!)
(Santa brought them a trampoline... Mom and Dad bought them new bikes!)
(I think Bubba's a little excited about his iPod)
(And 'da Gunners!! He loooooooved his new ball! Wouldn't take his eyes off it!!)
(Santa brought Sissy cutie glasses just like Elsie's... hmmm, how did he know... hehe)
(First things first, gotta put up the trampoline!)
Later Christmas Day we went back over to my parent's house to open up gifts with the family. This year was a little difficult since this was the first Christmas of my sisters divorce, and my two nephews and niece were with their father Christmas Eve into Christmas Morning. But once we all got together it was back to the flow as usual. Next year will be wonderful! I can't wait. I sometimes wish it were Christmas all year long!!


Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous pics!!! Love the kids in front of that beautiful tree! And you just look amazing, girl! You're such a hottie. ;) I love your Christmas pictures!!!!! And I love that you all have a Christmas Eve party! What fun!!! I wanna come!!!! hehehe

Danielle said...

Seriously I agree with Jamie- you are SUCH a hottie ;)

Really adorable pics, it looks like such fun.

Happy holidays darling! <3

CupcakeSniper said...

You look gorgeous! your fam looks like they had a great time and OMG! THE GRINCH!!!!! That must have been amazing!!!

Glad you had a great Christmas!

Lindsay said...

wow what an amazing Christmas! I love everyone's expressions. The grinch was a cute idea!! Love all your pictures! They are awesome!!

Onjoli said...

Let's move to Whoville so we can have christmas year round:) Your kiddos and yourself look adorable. And I love the grinch then out comes Santa idea, I'm gonna have to try it out.

ashleyrwatts said...

That looks like an amazing Christmas Jen! I love that the Grinch came, too! Hahaha

And you're so gorgeous - you make me jealous!! :)

Hope you have a great New Year's girl!


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

so pretty! and omg, i love the grinch! ha!

Carrie said...

the grinch wow how cool! Your family looks like alot of fun. I am glad you had such a wonderful Christmas

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