i don't like hospitals...

with my bff in the hospital 24/7 for his dad, it got me thinking how much i truly dislike hospitals... the smells, the sickly, the drab colors... they all give me the ick! i started to think about my friend there, and if i were in his shoes i would most certainly puke on them!

i know, terrible thoughts.

'how can i change that', i asked myself. i went in search of some *fun* hospital-ish schtuff...

How cool is this Neuro Ring

Or this Hit Me With Your Best Shot Necklace
Oh Nurse Necklace

Nurse Gold Watch
Should I get bored at the hospital I can always play with These Little Guys!

I can get my very own Custom Hospital Gown (how cool is *that!)

Nurse Greeting Cards

Hand Cut Get Well Soon Card

Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine

70s Vintage Nurse Patterns would make for some adorable outfits.

Who wouldn't want their very own At-Home Doctor...

Or perhaps a Nurse's Kit

Every good doctor needs to know more about the Human Anatomy


In all seriousness, thank you to my friends and family who have been praying along with me, I appreciate it more than you know. This family is very special, and keeping them in prayer is helpful beyond words can say, so thank you.
And to my bff and his family, I will continue to keep you in prayer. Sending you all my love!


Jamie said...

I hope his dad gets better! I'll be praying! I used to pass out nearly every time I had to go to the hospital. Good thing I got over that before this year! ha!

Diana said...

I love how you add humor to such a somber subject.
I hope your friend's dad heals better.

margot said...

hope is dad is doing ok, i'm sending happy thoughts!

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