- woke up late (at 730am)
- threw on my new-to-me apostle sweats and white chemise
- it was suuuuper cold this morning
- made yummy cinnamon braided bread for hubs and kids breakfast
- made yummy chai latte for me
- took first self-portrait for photo class
- checked in on twitter and blogs
- turned on pandora (tunes)
- blogging (now)
- next: clean loft
- next: clean closet
- next: grocery shopping
- next: wanna make yummy soups and apple pie
- next: drop off and pick up sisters kids from their dads
- next: babysit sisters kids all night
- next: etsy window shopping
- next: crafting
- next: catch up on project runway and greys anatomy
- next: bedtime

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Jamie said...

I love your day. Can I come and have this day with you? =)

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