*shoot (hehe)

This weekend, Eric and Suzy came out to visit from Cali. We all went up to Cornville to visit with Suzy's family... and shoot some guns! We had a Blast (no pun intended). My favorite by far, was here in this picture... my first time shooting my Daddy's police issued 357 magnum. Very exciting, and very important to me.

Here, Suzy's shootin' the "big gun" with Eric right behind her (what a supportive spouse. hehe)

Here I am, shooting Eric's police issued 45 (funny how much police handguns have changed over 30 years).

The suitcase did not make a clean get-a-way. hehehe

After a long, fun day... we came home (listening to the Baltimore Ravens beat the Tenneessee Titans in the last 2 minutes of the game... so exciting!) to watch our very own ARIZONA CARDINALS STOOOOOOMMMMMPPPPPP the Carolina Panthers!! WooHoo!!!

And on Sunday... Today.... while Paul is out setting up trail-cams for his upcoming hunt, I've done this...

Yup... watching the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants... which bring the Eagles to us here in AZ for a Home Game to see who goes to the SuperBowl... Yes SuperBowl!!!!! I know... just breathe, I'm excited too! hehe
Now, we're in the middle of the Chargers @ Steelers game to see who will play Baltimore next weekend!

Gotta LOVE football!!!


Gigi said...

I see you're right where my dh is...watching football!

Kristi said...

Hey Jen!

It's Kristi Milowicki (err, Gatzke now but I didn't think you'd recognize the last name!). I just added you to my new blog, http://gatzkechildren.blogspot.com; hope you'll stop by!!! I had fun looking through your blog...how is your family doing? How are Lisa and your parents?

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