Happy New Year Y'all! 

I hope that 2011 was good to you and that 2012 will be better. I know it's totally 'all the rage' to do a 2011 recap, and while I have enjoyed reading through my favorite blogs recaps, I'm not gonna do one here. Mainly because I wasn't prepared for it. My uncle's passing kinda thew things into a bit of a tailspin (actually I'm still there, but moving forward).

I don't typically like to make 'resolutions' although I am all for making a list of 'intentions'... can you smell my recent fear of commitment, lol. Anyway, atop that list is a fantastic 365 project (again, not making any promises, but have the ultimate best intentions). Over at InspiredRD Alysa is starting this truly heartwarming and inspiring project called Project 365 Thanks. Whats absolutely perfect about this 365 (versus the photo of yourself for 365 days challenge) is that I have been talking to God a lot about this recently. My heart gets so heavy when I think about all the things that we have and how we don't truly appreciate them. The big things, the little things... some people don't have any things. We just take them for granted. I've been asking God to make me mindful of all the blessing in my life. The things, yes, but also the people, the experiences, the days, the nights, the moments... you see what I mean. When I read about this project I knew this was God answering me. So, with that long explanation, I am going to be participating in this project. More than likely I'll be tweeting my daily thanks, so feel free to follow me on Twitter... @JenCoen. As for today, I've already tweeted (ps, I seriously LOVE Twitter) but I'll share here as well. 
Day One. I am thankful for the beautiful Arizona weather! #365thanks
(The photo was actually taken by the hubs while out hunting pigs this morning and texted to me)(Sharing is Caring, lol)

If you're feeling inspired as well, please join us!

Additionally on my list of intentions... I recently acquired the Project Life products and I am really so excited to try this new way of scrapbooking / documenting our family life. Yay!
project life by becky higgins

So what is on your list on intentions??? What are you thankful for today???


Gina said...

Happy New Year, Jen! I don't really have any specific intentions this year other than the whole get healthy thing but that's just a broken record in my head anyway!

I am finding myself thankful for more & more the older I get. Having food to eat, a roof over our heads & a family I adore are all things I am thankful for.

Tiffany said...

This is a great 365 project! I love it~ I have been wanting to do something like this ~ hmmm, maybe I'll have to join in! :)
Happy 2012!

Stesha said...

I agree 2012 is going to be awesome. Love this post!! and that picture.

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